Adam Weinstein · 02/21/14 04:52PM

Party-flipping Florida politician and tanning enthusiast Charlie Crist was reportedly accosted yesterday at a book-signing by tea partiers who said he looked "like an AIDS victim" and called him a "commie whore." That, said a local reporter, was "the most printable comment."

Marco Rubio: The State of the Union Is Glurge

Mobutu Sese Seko · 02/13/13 11:37AM

Last night, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) got cottonmouthed, wiped and licked his lips and finally interrupted his delivery of the GOP response to the State of the Union to bend over and drink some water. By now, you've read someone explaining why this proves Rubio is not presidential material. Or is. Whatever.

Charlie Crist Now Just Another Ambulance Chaser

Jim Newell · 05/04/11 04:38PM

Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist always wanted to be president, and was in the hunt to be John McCain's vice presidential candidate in 2008. Then the Tea Party emerged and threw his 2010 moderate-Republican campaign for Senate off the tracks. Now he's just another liberal plaintiffs' attorney plugging personal injury services, in Florida. Watch his TV ad and cry! [via RealClearPolitics]

Charlie Crist's Pleasant New Ad Is Full of Lies

Jim Newell · 09/07/10 03:36PM

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, who's running for Senate as an independent, has this new ad out in which he takes individual letters from "DEMOCRATS" and "REPUBLICANS" to spell "AMERICANS," in alternating colors. How lovely! Too bad he cheats like hell.