Striking Playwright Jon Robin Baitz Tells 'Times' Critic Isherwood: "You're A Bad Person"

Joshua Stein · 11/15/07 02:30PM

Though it happened on the pages of the apparently profitable Huffington Post, it could have just as easily have been on an episode of the Hills. Dreamboat playwright, blogger, and writer for ABC's Brother and Sisters Jon Robin Baitz responded at length to an incredibly patronizing and, well, shitty piece Times Theater critic Charles Isherwood wrote. Isherwood had wondered "whatever it is television and movie writers do when they are not cooking up dialogue for detectives, superheroes or nerdy, horny teenagers." "You, sir, are a dick," Baltz replied. (Okay, paraphrasing!)

'Xanadu' Weaves Its Campy Spell On Most Curmudgeonly Critic

abalk · 07/11/07 09:45AM

Has someone adjusted life-hating Times theater critic Charles Isherwood's medication? Possibly! Or maybe he's discovered the gay Prozac, in the form of Xanadu, the musical. Today he delivers a (slightly hedging, but you take what you can get from this guy) rave.

Opening Notes From The New York Times Annual Shareholders Meeting

balk · 04/24/07 08:30AM

Today's New York Times Company annual shareholder meeting is expected to be, in the words of the Times itself, a "contentious" affair. What with "dissident investors" like Morgan Stanley's Hassan Elmasry calling for the Sulzberger family to change the dual stock-structure that allows them to control the paper, the stakes have never been higher - even though nothing is likely to change. But how will family head Albert Sulzberger Jr., address the controversy? Gawker has obtained a copy of his opening remarks.

'His Ass Was His Fortune': The Early Days of 'Times' Critic Charles Isherwood

Jesse · 02/09/06 12:45PM

If you're like us, you every now and then wonder what your favorite Times critics do when they're not busy criticizing for the Times. A.O. Scott, we imagine, stays up late critiquing the cinematography of Time-Life book-series informercials; Frank Bruni, we suspect, indulges a secret fondess for bologna and Velveeta on white; and Michiko Kakutani must sit around limning everything in sight while Alessandra Stanley, over at her own place, consistently dials wrong numbers. And what about second-string theater critic Charles Isherwood? What does he do in his spare time? An intrepid reader recently discovered: