CNET Writer Goes Perez On Ex

Ryan Tate · 11/13/08 04:30AM

It was kind of an awkward joke to begin with: CNET writer Caroline McCarthy publicly imagining how her fameball buddies David Karp and Charles Forman would be mocked by Perez Hilton if the celebrity blogger worked for Valleywag. Hilton would, of course, call the cuddle-buddies gay, as McCarthy made clear in a mockup posted to her Tumblr Wednesday night. But throw in the fact that McCarthy and Karp very recently, we heard, broke up, and the image takes on an entirely more vicious, passive-aggressive sheen.

Correct out-of-touch New York style rag's Internet gossip!

Melissa Gira Grant · 10/01/08 03:20PM

It's complicated. God, is it ever. The same October Details story that follows around New York's "Internet playboys" and their bicoastal hangers-on runs with this chart of who dated, funded, or hated in this overdocumented side of the Web scene. So sweet to know we're not the only ones keeping a scorecard, but one of its subjects, Caroline McCarthy, claims there's inaccuracies! Let's do Details and the kids recently fanning their fameballs from the coverage a favor and fix it up then. Ready? Let loose in the comments with your errata.

Introducing New York's own Web 2.0 "playboys"

Melissa Gira Grant · 09/30/08 11:00PM

The golden boys of New York's start-up scene are just as flashbulb-driven as the women who dote on them, a new Details mag feature reveals. Mostly they followed Tumblr's enfant terrible, David Karp, and his heterosexual beard Charles Forman, who pimps "social gaming" at iminlikewithyou but is still better known as last season's Mr. Julia Allison. There's a guest appearance by Kevin Rose, which you can just tell is going to get messy. He's inserted towards the end as the wise old sage, warning these new guys away from male Internet fameballing:

'Playboys of Tech' Story Proves Some People Do Need Publicists

Sheila · 09/30/08 03:09PM

Maybe the fact that the 2.0 world allows everyone to "be their own publicist" and "control their own image" isn't such a good idea, after all. We love, love, love the obligatory blog-posting post-profile/article teeth-gnashing that such luminaries such as heiressblogger Emily Brill, Wired cover girl Julia Allison, and writer Emily Gould put themselves through. People used to crafting every facet of their public face themselves don't tend to like what they look like when someone other than themselves is taking the picture. Details profiled techboys and fameballs Charles Forman and Tumblr founder David Karp as part of a story on the "Playboys of Tech." It's not Forman gnashing his teeth about the resulting article (he ain't dumb)—it's his attention-requiring ex-girlfriend doing it for him."If a blog post is like an essay and a tweet is like a haiku, then a tumblelog is like stream-of-consciousness poetry," the article begins. That's right—and boy, is it a scary idea for literacy. (But it's also such a great embarrassing content-creator for our purposes. So, don't shit where ya eat.)

Mini-Fameball Charles Forman is Looking for a Girlfriend!

Sheila · 09/26/08 10:33AM

Let's just admit that we've all placed a personal ad on Craigslist at one time or the other. Only the last thing you want to do in that situation is post your photo in the ad, because what if someone you know saw it and recognized you? OMG that would be so embarrassing... hey, Charles Forman! The Iminlikewithyou web boy (and Julia Allison ex, although we'd bet good money that their relationship was never "consummated") is looking for love... on Craigslist! We'll help him out by posting his ad for a wider audience.He describes himself as a "creative entrepreneur" who lives in "Midtown." He "run[s] an internet company-which is a lot of fun. When I find time on the side, I'm a media artist... I work out a lot so I'm in good physical shape." Hey-o! So, ladies, we'll vouch for Charles. He's funny and can probably afford to buy you dinner. We met him once and he smelled nice. He's been in an Esquire fashion shoot. (Oh, and despite many photos that would hint otherwise, he is not Tumblr founder David Karp's gay lover.) Act now! (Caveat: as a commenter just pointed out—if you break up with him, he might humiliate you in public.)

So you've decided to be an iPhone developer — now what?

Nicholas Carlson · 08/18/08 04:00PM

A year and some after the Facebook platform's launch, few of its widgetmakers have made any real money — unless you count the venture capital they've raised. Just a month after the iPhone 3G launch, Apple CEO Steve Jobs says that $30 million has already changed hands through the iTunes App Store. Even the guy behind the do-nothing "I Am Rich" application made a few thousand bucks. So you, wantrepreneur Web developer, you're thinking: Gee, I made, like, four-and-a-half Facebook Zombie widgets this past year. Maybe I should cook myself up an iPhone app. But hold on there, Steve Jobs Jr. Do you really know what you're getting yourself into?According to Iminlikewithyou's Charles Forman, who's working on porting his startup's copycat games to the iPhone, there's not much in common between the platforms besides the word "app."

Cashmore's Kazakhstani wedding pics

Nicholas Carlson · 08/04/08 06:00PM

Mashable founder Pete Cashmore makes a living throwing parties. Tumblr founder David Karp seems to get by on going to them, if only to make people say, "Why who's that fellow dressed so much like, Chuck Bass, and how can I join any website he's created?" This must explain why the two make such good dancing partners. But won't Iminlikewithyou founder Charles Forman get jealous? Write your own caption for this post and we'll use the best one as its new title. Friday's winner is bloggerman with "And in the end the stock you take is equal to the mess you make."

Lectroid Julia Bigboote's pheromonic camouflage fails at the worst possible moment

Jackson West · 07/30/08 06:00PM

Iminlikewithyou creator Charles Forman whispers something to NonSociety creator Julia Allison at the Ignite party in New York last night, where he publicly announced their breakup. Can you come up with a better caption? Do so in the comments. The best one will become this post's new headline. Yesterday's winner: "Marissa Mayer demonstrates Google's new 'invisible cupcake' technology, currently in beta" by hopelessdeskmonkey. (Photo by Nick McGlynn)

Charles Forman vs. Julia Allison

Owen Thomas · 07/30/08 02:00PM

They always made for an unlikely couple. Besides a Manhattan address, a burning desire for tech-world fame, ties to Digg founder Kevin Rose, and towering self-regard, Iminlikewithyou founder Charles Forman and former Star TV spokeswoman Julia Allison had practically nothing in common. And now they have broken up, with publicly delivered disses. Allison's mechanism: Twitter, where she wished for "a boyfriend who isn't a whiny bitch." Forman's forum: YouTube, where a tirade against "celebrichauns with founder fetishes" was uploaded. The anti-Allison rant:

Tech Boys' Kryptonite (Fine, Julia Allison)

Sheila · 07/30/08 12:58PM

Fameball web boy Charles Forman's hilarious talk at last night's Ignite tech conference was called "How to Date a Celebrechaun." These are the types of girls with "founder fetish," who clog around startup boys and are the closest thing to groupies that computer geeks will ever have. "They will blow your IT guy to get to you," he warns. You might remember Charles "Not Gay" Forman as previously "dating" self-created net-celeb Julia Allison. Yes, she's included in his speech, shot by Nick McGlynn and edited by Richard Blakeley.

Hasbro sues Scrabulous creators, who could have gotten away with it

Nicholas Carlson · 07/24/08 03:20PM

Hasbro, maker of board game Scrabble, has filed suit in a New York court against Rajat and Jayant Agarwalla, the brothers who created Scrabulous, a Facebook-app version of the game. Hasbro also filed a DMCA notice with Facebook, asking that the company remove the game from its website because it infringes on Hasbro's copyright. I'm not a lawyer, and neither is Iminlikewithyou founder Charles Forman — but he has managed to get away with his own bit of copying other people's games, turning Tetris into Blockles and Pictionary into Draw My Thing, for example. Forman tells us that the Agarwallas would be totally in the clear if they'd only copied Scrabble's rules in building Scrabulous. Game rules can't be copyrighted, argues Forman. But since the Scrabulous guys also copied the physical appearance of the Scrabble board — which can be copyrighted — Forman thinks they're screwed.

Julia Allison: HTML tutor to the nonstars

Melissa Gira Grant · 07/14/08 12:20PM

It's been just a little over a year since Julia Allison touched down in Silicon Valley, strutting past the hand-stampers at an arts fundraiser and informing anyone who would listen that she was looking for a boyfriend to help her with her website. It hasn't exactly paid off. The so-soft-it-hurts launch of her new startup,, is a technical tour de farce. The rumored-to-death project wraps glamour shots of Allison and friends like comrade Meghan Asha Parikh, TechCrunch editor Michael Arrington's ex-girlfriend, around sideways-scrolling feeds ("lifestreams"!) of their Tumblr blogs. Meghan, a former hedge-fund analyst, shows off her tech creds here. She's the only one who seems to have a functioning "lifestream," even on launch day. Allison's and a handbag-designing ladyfriend's came up 404. We salvaged the launch video, in case the whole thing collapses:

CNET Writer's Cozy Sourcing

Ryan Tate · 06/26/08 11:21PM

CNET writer Caroline McCarthy published a nice scoop today on how social networking site I'm In Like With You raised $1.5 million from venture funding firm Spark Capital. Silicon Alley Insider has been chasing the story for weeks! How did McCarthy pull the exclusive out from under their nose? Who's to say! But, um, it's probably worth noting that McCarthy is dating David Karp, founder of blog network Tumblr and an intimate, bed-cuddling, entire-body-carrying friend of I'm In Like With You founder Charles Forman. Karp's company also shares Spark Capital as a venture funding backer. So, basically, McCarthy had sources close to her boyfriend to draw on. (Pictured, the happy threesome of Forman, Karp and McCarthy, as photographed by Richard Blakeley.) Should McCarthy's CNET blog post have carried a disclaimer? She doesn't think so:

What would Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan's love child look like?

Jackson West · 06/24/08 05:40PM

One in a while a Web application comes along that's so damn useful, even we'd invest in it. Facebook? Nah. MakeMeBabies, the site that lets you create ruddy-cheeked mashups from any two photos? Its diapers will be filled with nothing but spun gold. Here's what the site came up with from photos of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and girlfriend Priscilla Chan. After the jump, we give a few other notable couples the same treatment. Please do add your own in the comments with our image-upload feature — best and worst fake babies will win an as-yet-undetermined prize of nominal value!