Donald Trump's Largest Son Is Incoherent About Money, Just Like Dad

Brendan O'Connor · 07/12/16 10:46AM

The Washington Post continues its aggressive reporting on Donald Trump’s charitable contributions, most recently putting the screws to the presumptive Republican nominee’s son, Eric Trump. “It’s disgusting. It is so disgusting what’s happening,” Eric complained last week. “I’m saving dying children. We do tremendous good for people. And you’re sitting there tearing us apart.”

It's Not Charity If You Want Your Name on It

Hamilton Nolan · 10/27/15 10:42AM

Very rich people sometimes make very large donations to educational or cultural institutions. In return, they ask for their names to be plastered atop buildings. These donations have no moral worth.

Hamilton Nolan · 08/10/15 04:16PM

The founder of a charity group that was displaced from its Venice Beach office by Snapchat’s expansion says that “a Snapchat executive told her he had noticed one of her homeless clients sweeping the street with an old broom, so he offered to buy the organization a new one.” Kindness—it’s affordable :)

Hamilton Nolan · 07/01/15 01:34PM

Jeb Bush’s newly released tax records show that he has given less than 3% of his income to charity every year since 2008, a level of giving that philosophers, theologians, and political analysts agree qualifies him as a greedy prick.

How to Save Lives: A Conversation With Peter Singer

Hamilton Nolan · 04/17/15 10:00AM

Do your charitable donations suck? Are you failing to save lives due to greed you don't even realize you have? Do poor people have the right to take all of our stuff? One of the world's most famous philosophers talked about these very topics with us.

Rich Colleges Get Richer and Richer

Hamilton Nolan · 01/28/15 11:52AM

The 1%-vs-99% inequality dynamic that plagues America's economy as a whole extends to the world of higher education. And the richest universities in America had a great year last year.

Hamilton Nolan · 12/02/14 03:27PM

Here you will find a link that allows you to write a holiday message to a survivor of prison rape. It's free. (A rep from the charity tells us that in past years, Gawker readers "have been nothing short of amazing." You people are great sometimes.)