Paris Hilton Is a Big Fake L Word

Richard Lawson · 02/05/08 11:13AM

The heiress announced yesterday that she will be guest-starring on Showtime's lesbo soap The L Word. OK, so she has already tried reality TV, scream queenage, and sexy night vision sex tapes. And now she's trying her hand at that whole Gina Gershon "is she a lesbian? Is she a bisexual??" shtick that seems to get people a little buzz once in a while. She's already been spotted sucking face with her House of Wax costar Elisha Cuthbert at a New York City club. (Though she later denied that.) Next we predict that she'll be seen rocking slowly back and forth at an Indigo Girls concert (before she's kicked off the stage). Then she'll hop into her Subaru and drive off to Northampton. That Post-Industrial Women's Labor class at Smith ain't gonna teach itself! Or, more likely, she'll fuck around with this for a little while until she gets bored. What persona is next? Glasses wearing political celebrity? Spiritual quiet celebrity? Canadian celebrity???