Chainsaw-Wielding, Fish-Kissing Man Is America's Most Misunderstood Neighbor

Lauri Apple · 08/20/11 05:51PM

Everybody say hello to Dale McDaniel, your new favorite Floridian! He's 52, has been arrested at least 34 times, allegedly shouts obscenities at people and pisses in his trash-strewn yard, drinks pretty much constantly, and has left an indelible impression upon his neighbors, many of whom say they fear him.

Cry For Thoth, For He Is Busted

Hamilton Nolan · 07/14/09 03:45PM

Thoth was allegedly "shut down by the city" because he couldn't go along and get along in their world. Their world is shaped like a box, and they want all the little people to fit into the box all nice and tidy. But Thoth's world was shaped like a loincloth, and he chose to whirl his world around, scandalously, while dressed like an extra from Last of the Mohicans who sings like an extra from Amadeus. And that wasn't something The Man could fit into their tidy little box. The New York Post explains how it all went down:

Steve Dunleavy Survives His Own Wake

Hamilton Nolan · 10/02/08 03:36PM

Mean old sexy hack and legendary Post guy Steve Dunleavy had his retirement party last night. Or as it was apparently called, his "wake." But uh, long life and good health, Steve! The Observer showed up (and was banished to the outside) to chronicle Rupert Murdoch's send-off to his favorite attack dog:

Steve Dunleavy's Foreign Slanguage

Hamilton Nolan · 09/30/08 11:32AM

We need to make a slight correction. We've created a certain image around Post attack hack Steve Dunleavy, who's retiring tomorrow: a sort of man you love to hate, a swashbuckling, hard-drinking, right-wing scamp who you disagree with but can't help admiring for his way with the ladies and constant adventures. When in fact, none of those qualities are as overpowering as his weird Australian-ness. Click to watch this clip of him rattling off Australian slang. There's no way to tell what it means, or why he says it, or why such slang was created. Rin-tin-tin. [via Tabloid Baby]

Steve Dunleavy Clarifies Slashing Dad's Car

Ryan Tate · 09/29/08 06:10AM

[The story] goes like this: As a young copyboy in Australia 55 years ago, Mr. Dunleavy was so hungry for a story that he popped the tires of his father’s car at a murder scene. His father, a photographer at a rival paper, could not get to the post office to transmit photos, and Mr. Dunleavy, then about 15 years old, earned his paper a big scoop.

Steve Dunleavy Doesn't Zip His Fly For Anybody

Hamilton Nolan · 09/23/08 11:44AM

The Steve "Sex on a stick" Dunleavy reminiscences keep pouring in! And the rabid, drunken Post hack grows into an ever more sympathetic figure as his retirement party draws closer. Today, three more wistful remembrances of Steve; though all involve drinking, only the last one involves him walking around with his dick out:

Steve Dunleavy Was "Sex On A Stick"

Hamilton Nolan · 09/22/08 11:50AM

As the October 1 retirement party for quintessential rabid right-wing New York Post hack Steve Dunleavy approaches, everyone who knew him is scrambling to write their remembrances of his alcohol-inspired behavior. It's funny how the passage of time can turn a man's reputation from "inappropriate, mean, and downright dangerous alcoholic" to "beloved irascible colleague," but there you go. How about some more Dunleavy stories? Yes, he had a "reputation as a pants man extraordinaire"!

Goodbye, Steve Dunleavy

Hamilton Nolan · 09/17/08 03:57PM

The time has finally come for Steve Dunleavy—the problem-drinking right wing New York Post columnist who's been called "[Rupert] Murdoch's fiercest, most loyal and longest-running attack dog"—to officially hang it up. The Post is throwing him a retirement party October 1 (click to enlarge the official invite!), putting a -30- on a career that really wound down months ago due to health problems. They don't make 'em like him any more! Is what you say about guys like this. Let's take a fond(ish) look back at the life of "The Prince of Darkness," an angry tabloid legend: Dunleavy was born in Sydney, Australia in 1938. He moved to New York as a stringer in the mid-1960s, and made his way to the Post after Rupert Murdoch bought it in the late 1970s. In 1977 he found time to publish a book called "Elvis- What happened?", a behind-the-scenes look at the life of The King that came out just weeks before Elvis died. Hm. In the 80s Dunleavy was a lead reporter on A Current Affair, the Post of television.

Sacha Baron Cohen Plays First Gay Man To Visit Kansas

Hamilton Nolan · 03/31/08 10:16AM

Sacha "Borat" Baron "Ali G" Cohen is working on his upcoming flick about his character "Bruno," the supergay Austrian fashion reporter. Since everyone on both coasts (except for Ben Affleck) is obviously too familiar with his work to be punked, Bruno has traveled to the heart of flyover land, Wichita, Kansas. Where he was captured on film doing supergay stuff! His act reportedly "almost looked like pornography," at least to Kansas sensibilities. After the jump, video [via Towleroad] of Bruno and his funky pants dance, which brings joy to the dreary confines of the Wichita terminal.