G.I. Joe: Retaliation: 'The World Ain't Savin' Itself'

Leah Beckmann · 12/13/11 01:50PM

Let's all let out the deep breaths we've been holding in anticipation of the G.I. Joe sequel (wouldn't it be great if this was actually a G.I. Jane sequel? Wait, would it? We'll never know!). Yes, it is here and it looks, I don't know, violent? Action packed? Explosive? It's certainly got all the trimmings of a summer blockbuster flick. There's a ninja sword fight on the face of a mountain. Cue the exclamation points.

21 Jump Street: Why Does This Movie Exist?

Max Read · 11/02/11 08:12PM

Here's the trailer for 21 Jump Street, the latest in a long line of incredibly good, successful, award-winning, hilarious, and terrific movies that take beloved (or at least, well-remembered, in a fond if kind of vague way) old dramatic television shows and turn them into comedies involving vomit jokes. It stars skinny Jonah Hill!

The Vow: Who Could Forget Channing Tatum?

Richard Lawson · 06/06/11 03:14PM

Here's a trailer for The Vow, a Nicholas Sparksian drama that, shockingly, Nicholas Sparks had nothing to do with. The film is actually based on the true story of a woman with amnesia struggling to learn to love her husband again.

Zac Efron Is About to Get Sexually Thrilling

Richard Lawson · 05/13/11 04:09PM

I know you never thought it possible, but little Troy Bolton is about to get sexual and thrilling, all at once. Also today: tons of TV news about renewals and cancellations, plus a sexy little companion piece to the Efron news.

Channing Tatum Will Never Grow Up

Richard Lawson · 03/02/11 05:13PM

Not if he gets his way in his next movie he won't. Also today: pilot casting including roles for an old WB favorite and a new CW regular, Tom Hanks and Tim Allen hop aboard the lucrative theme park ride adaptation movie racket, and Christina Aguilera gets her sentence.

You Love The Rachel More Than You Love The Bieber

Brian Moylan · 02/14/11 12:01PM

When it comes to embracing iconic haircuts, America would rather bask in the '90s glory of The Rachel rather than the '10s wonderment of The Bieber—well, at least at the box office. Everyone says Bieber is shitty, but today he is officially number two.

Channing Tatum Got His Start as a Stripper

Leah Beckmann · 02/09/11 02:00PM

"When you're 18 or 19 in Florida and broke, you're pretty much ready to do anything." This really speaks for itself, but to save you the suspense, for Channing anything included stripping.

Sex-Having Sex Priest Gets His Own TV Show

Richard Lawson · 01/25/11 03:31PM

It's true. A famous priest who angered the church by following his natural urges will soon be a national TV star. Also today: news from Sundance, some good and some bad, plus James Franco's getting into the porn world.

Every New TV Show Is Going to Be a Musical Now

Richard Lawson · 12/01/10 04:56PM

You can thank Glee for that. Also today: a new time travel movie is confusing, we need a farm boy to go kill a giant, a TV adaptation gets its leads, and an Ugly Betty favorite makes good.

The Dilemma: Winona Ryder Is Up to No Good

Richard Lawson · 09/20/10 12:09PM

Here's a trailer for the Vince Vaughn/Kevin James joint The Dilemma, about a dude (Vaughn) who discovers that the wife (Ryder) of his best friend/business partner (James) is cheating on him with Channing Tatum. To tell the friend or not?

Tom Cruise Gets Rid of the Boys and Finds a Man

Richard Lawson · 08/26/10 02:20PM

He needs someone with experience to give him what he needs. Also today: it looks like we're really going to see Jim Carrey go gay, a new reunion movie is in the works, and an SNL departure.

The Great Steve Carell Replacement Experiment Begins

Richard Lawson · 08/10/10 03:27PM

Yes, NBC is sallying forth, trying to figure out what to do with The Office once he leaves. They have some ideas! Also today: Casting news about actors playing singers, descendants of singers becoming actors, and two hunks.

True Blood Will Never Die

Richard Lawson · 06/21/10 02:52PM

It really never will, declares HBO. Also today: lots of casting news, including a Real World cast member who continues to make good. New teen programming sounds teeny. And a romantic weeper finds its cast.

Look at All the Sexy People, Doing Sexy Things

Richard Lawson · 05/11/10 09:33AM

People like Kellan Lutz, Channing Tatum, and Jessica Biel are going places. Also today: a new MTV show sounds frustrating, you'll have to wait a while for Simon Cowell news, and TBS figures some stuff out.

Sandra Bullock Secretly Adopted a Baby, and Other Bombshells

Maureen O'Connor · 04/28/10 07:56AM

She's divorcing Jesse and will raise the baby alone. Larry King is a swinger. Lindsay blames a tawdry lie on her dad, who blames Perez Hilton. Courtney Love says Gavin cheated on Gwen with her. Wednesday's gossip cometh.