Channing Tatum Is Our Gene Kelly

Leah Finnegan · 07/06/15 03:00PM

There’s nothing like a man who can dance. A man who can move his body in time. A man who can tap his toes on the sidewalk and belt out a ballad! I love men like this. Consequently I have dated many gay men.

Channing Tatum's Booty Clap

Rich Juzwiak · 07/03/12 11:05AM

Skip to the 1:20 mark for what you didn't see in Magic Mike: Channing Tatum making Hollywood's best male ass clap. What will he do next to keep us fanning ourselves collectively? The world is such an exciting place.

Magic Mike’s Cody Horn Is the New Tori Spelling

Rich Juzwiak · 07/02/12 01:45PM

Twenty-four-year-old model/actress Cody Horn plays Channing Tatum's love interest in Magic Mike, and she is terrible enough to do major damage on the film's pacing and energy. She is one big suck every time she's onscreen, and she's onscreen a lot. It seems ridiculous that someone so inept would have landed such a high-profile role and get to kiss on something as plump and hitmaking as Channing Tatum's pair of lips and get paid for it.

Here's a Picture of Channing Tatum As an Actual Stripper

Rich Juzwiak · 06/29/12 11:25AM

Back in the day, Channing Tatum didn't only just play a stripper on TV commercials and in movies — he was an actual stripper. You know this. His former profession is why he's one of the producers of Magic Mike. It's also something that adds to his status as an American icon. Going from stripper to producer/star is the American dream in sum. Anyway, I've never seen this picture before. I had no idea of his dark, pierced past.

Magic Mike: Channing Tatum Is the Icon of New Masculinity

Rich Juzwiak · 06/29/12 09:57AM

Metrosexuality had to live and die for us to get to this new, at-ease, intimately homosocial era of masculinity, at least as it is depicted in pop culture. It's a time of bromance, of straight dudes getting drag-queen makeovers on reality TV, of straight soldiers lip-synching like drag queens on YouTube, of Chris Brown and Justin Bieber intimately duetting, of Drake and Justin Bieber intimately duetting, of rappers implicitly endorsing gay marriage. And no film has better encapsulated the new masculinity zeitgeist that values self security over rigid, external notions quite as definitively as Steven Soderbergh's male-stripper saga Magic Mike.

Sexile in Guyville: Lady Writers and the Male Celebrities They Profile

Emma Carmichael · 03/22/12 04:30PM

In GQ this month, Claire Hoffman sits down with rapper Drake for the magazine's cover story. Drake is not a horribly interesting person, and celebrity profiling is not usually a horribly interesting craft, but Hoffman wrote a great piece. Within the few hours she spent at the rapper's mansion in The Valley, she essentially lived through a real-life chapter of a 16-year-old's fan fiction. Drake wined and dined her (with white wine spritzers!) in his backyard terrace—complete with waterfalls, bronze animal statues, and a giant fire pit "fit for a king from Middle-earth"—and they watched Sixteen Candles. All that was missing was a bearskin rug.