MTV's Fresh Meat II Kids Shoot for the Stars

Jessica Poolt · 04/08/10 04:32PM

MTV's offering a hefty cash prize to the team that's best at binge drinking, 'roid raging and sweating in this season of Fresh Meat. Sandy has lofty goals, like upgrading from an A to a D cup if she wins.

Tucker Max Calls Out Gawker

ian spiegelman · 08/29/08 06:26PM

Horrible piece of garbage Tucker Max has issued a challenge to Gawker. He bets ten grand that we will underestimate how much the film version of his silly book for teenagers who like to watch each other jerk off will earn at the box office. And accuses us of being elitists who presume to be arbiters of taste. Surely, we are elitist, in that none of us consider a ham-fisted frat shit like him who has never committed an honest emotion to paper in any effectual way to be, in fact, a writer. At least that is my stand. I think he is merely a frightened little wuss who has to treat people badly because he thinks his mommy stole his penis. But let's get into his challenge, and my-not Gawker's-response after the jump.