Joe Jonas and Chace Crawford Had a Nice Time Together

Richard Lawson · 10/10/11 10:36AM

Two of America's straightest men had a nice hang the other day. Also today: Leo cozies up to even more models, Bree Olson quits the game, Prince Harry eats a burger, and Melanie Griffith eats a hotdog.

Chace Crawford Wants to Be Taken Seriously

Richard Lawson · 06/08/11 03:23PM

The Gossip Girl star would like some awards recognition, please. Also today: Leo DiCaprio taps into his murderous side, yet another CSI departure, and a Noah's Ark movie might be imminent.

Hugh Grant Almost Replaced Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men

Richard Lawson · 05/11/11 04:30PM

America's one-time favorite British person almost joined the cast of America's one-time favorite sitcom. A match made in sad heaven! Also today: news from Cannes, a bloody upfront scares us all, and of course Hunger Games casting news.

The Cartwheeling Verger and Other Stars of the Royal Wedding

Max Read · 04/30/11 09:37AM

Who was the little girl holding her ears on the balcony? Where are Kate and Will going on their honeymoon? And why can't Angelina "Trashbags" Pivarnick be as happy as those two? Saturday gossip is wearing lace sleeves.

Tim Gunn Talks Trash About a 17-Year-Old Girl

Maureen O'Connor · 09/15/10 09:14AM

Tim Gunn calls Taylor Momsen "sad" and "pathetic." Jodie Foster avoids assault charges. Leonardo DiCaprio buys a pet that will live for 70 years. Chris Brown doesn't tip. Has Wednesday gossip gone too far, yet?

Inside the 2010 CW Upfront

Rachel Simpson · 05/24/10 11:24AM

TV stars are employees of a network and they have to do what their boss says. Early Thursday, CW made it's stars (and Katy Perry!) perform for an audience of pasty, clammy advertisers.

Did Lindsay Lohan Steal a Rolex?

Maureen O'Connor · 04/23/10 09:11AM

Cops visit Lindsay for two reasons in two days. Mariah Carey gains 57 lbs. Chace Crawford finds love in the time of volcanic eruption. Michelle Rodriguez's coming out party is saved. TGIFriday gossip roundup.