America's Chance to Get Mad About CEO Pay

Hamilton Nolan · 08/06/15 08:36AM

Another day, another small, symbolic victory for the masses in the class war. It is from symbolic victories like these that real victories are often launched.

Elegy for a Bad McDonald's CEO

Hamilton Nolan · 01/29/15 12:15PM

Let us all bow our heads and say a prayer for Don Thompson, fired this week as CEO of McDonald's merely because he was bad at his job, and his company is bad, and performing badly.

The Myth of the CEO

Hamilton Nolan · 04/03/14 03:10PM

Mary Barra, the CEO of GM, spent yesterday being grilled by Congress for her company's years-long failure to fix a known safety defect in its cars. Barra's lack of answers is being blamed on the size of the organization she leads. Which is a great argument against the salaries that CEOs earn.

Jamie Dimon Vs. JPMorgan: One Must Go

Hamilton Nolan · 10/15/13 09:11AM

Jamie Dimon is one of the most admired CEOs on Wall Street. Under his watch, JPMorgan Chase has been penalized for multiple legal violations, capped by the largest legal fines in banking history. Should Jamie Dimon be fired? Well, if not, his bank should be destroyed.

Rodale CEO Likens Syria's Use of Chemical Weapons to Pesticides

Camille Dodero · 09/04/13 02:35PM

Maria Rodale, the CEO and chairman of publishing house Rodale, Inc., used to love and to support Barack Obama. She supported Barack Obama so deeply that she not only voted for him twice and attended his first inauguration, she also "paid a lot of money to have my picture taken" with him. And because of this fealty, she would like to have a word with him—or you, actually, Mr. President Barack Obama, since that's who she's addressing in this open letter published today the Huffington Post.

Down With Big Gun

Drew Magary · 12/17/12 02:38PM

Ron Cohen is the CEO of Sig Sauer, the company that produced one of the guns that was used in Friday's Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre. You have probably never heard of Ron Cohen before. I know I never have. I tried to find a decent picture of him this weekend, but I came up empty. He may as well not exist.

The Way CEOs Get Paid Is a Crock

Hamilton Nolan · 09/24/12 10:13AM

Allow us, please, if you will, to direct your attention to this paper on the topic of Can You Believe How Much Motherfucking Money These CEOs Make, And, Even Worse, How They Try to Justify That Shit As If It's All Good. As noted in Gretchen Morgenson's column yesterday, CEOs and the cronies that justify their salaries are, in most cases, full of shit.

Poor CEOs Are Not Receiving Big Enough Pay Raises

Hamilton Nolan · 03/26/12 08:40AM

According to a new WSJ survey of executive pay here in the US of A, Hooverville capital of the Western Hemisphere, CEOs of some of the world's biggest companies are being underappreciated, when it comes to the height and breadth of the pile of doubloons they are awarded at the conclusion of the fiscal year.

We Are Staunchly in Favor of CEOs Having Dangerous Hobbies

Hamilton Nolan · 03/14/12 09:44AM

The Wall Street Journal today takes on a thorny question that's wracking the collective consciences of corporate boards from coast to coast: when does a CEO's private hobby become too dangerous? As natural leaders driven to excel and seek thrills in both their private lives and their careers, it's no wonder that many CEOs enjoy flying their own small planes, or even sky diving. Considering the responsibilities they have to their employees and shareholders, should CEOs of huge public corporation really be allowed to engage in risky behavior that holds a chance of serious injury or death?

CEOs Back to Making a Butt-Load of Money

Max Read · 04/10/11 02:19PM

If you're disappointed by your own unemployment or depressed salary in the post-recession era, at least be heartened that some of your fellow Americans are doing well: According to the Times, CEOs at 200 major corporations made a median $9.6 million last year, with Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman pulling in $84.5 million for the top spot. Yes, corporate profits are way up, and along with them executive compensation; and while the Times notes that "so far, this recovery has not trickled down," we're sure it's only a matter of time! And, until then, absolutely no need to tax the super rich at higher rates. [NYT; image via Shutterstock]