NSA Spooks Won't Rule Out Secretly Tracking Your Phone

Adrian Chen · 07/26/11 01:09PM

With all that fun British phone hacking news, you may have missed some exciting phone surveillance news here in the States. The NSA's lawyer says the U.S. government might have the authority to physically track Americans with their cell phones.

My Own Personal Beach Monster

ian spiegelman · 08/02/08 07:16AM

On a personal note, I would like to address the skinny, deeply-tanned, weasel-voiced Brooklyn fuck who set up shop five feet behind me on Long Beach just off Edwards Boulevard yesterday and proceeded to yammer into his cell phone as loudly as he possibly could about the media for two hours straight yesterday. You, sir, are human waste. I know you'll read this. How do I know? Because you said things like, "I've worked as a media professional for the last ten years," and "I just did a little temp work for the Times," and, "Can I do a seminar for, like, all these editors and news executives about digital media?" You suck. You're the worst thing I've ever heard speaking. On the beach? You spout that vile nonsense on the beach?!

Mary Jane Irwin · 12/12/07 09:00AM

Thanks to the National Center for Health Statistics, we've finally learned why we Valleywaggers so frequently receive drunken tipoffs. A recent study reveals wireless-only households — including twentysomething entrepreneurs who run their lives via BlackBerry — are twice as likely to binge drink as their landline-owning counterparts. There's visual voicemail, and then there's the Technicolor kind. [Digital Daily]