Here Is the Crazy 1990s TV Ad Molly Shannon Did for the NRA (UPDATE)

Adam Weinstein · 04/11/13 10:34AM

Mother Jones recently posted a roundup of National Rifle Association ads through history, depicting the lobby group's descent into madness, but our eyes caught one particular pit stop on the road to crazy—this pro-gun 1993 TV commercial titled "Laughing Criminal," featuring a speaking role by future SNL star Molly Shannon.

Harvey Levin Thinks The Paparazzi Problem is Solved

Alex Carnevale · 10/26/08 02:30PM

TMZ has entered a comfortable détente with the celebs it covers and the lawyers they employ. That's the contention of managing editor Harvey Levin in an article in today's NYT, where he argues that the celebs court all the publicity the site gives them. Is there an end in sight to the war between the paparazzi and the people they cover? Find out after the jump.Levin dismisses legal efforts to restrict the movement of the paparazzi as ineffective and difficult to police given how much photogs can make from the photos. He sees a different model emerging:

Better This Than Riding a Rascal

Jessica · 10/13/06 03:55PM

Last night at the after-party for the Directors Guild of America awards, Dame Helen Mirren put down her gin and asked a fellow party-goer if she could ride his Segway. When the press isn't around and guards are let down, you'll catch these sorts of private, goofy moments when celebrities are just human — and then you will take pictures, and you'll post them on your blog.

Yes, Virginia, There Is Such a Thing as Overexposure

Jessica · 10/06/06 11:50AM

It's amazing what a little polling reveals. According to E-Poll Market Research, which ranks more than 2,800 celebrities on 46 different personality attributes, celebrities are overexposed. And yes, we needed a formal survey to tell us this. On their scale, the average overexposure rating for "most celebrities at the peak of their careers is between 3% and 7%," but the familiar faces gracing the the covers of celebrity weeklies are rating much, much higher. According to the index, the most overexposed celebs: