Carpet Bomb

Brian Moylan · 05/14/10 06:17PM

[A flash of light erupts as the stars approach the paparazzi on the red carpet at the premiere of The Housemaid at the Cannes Film Festival today. Image via Getty]

Will the Constant Attention Ruin Jersey Shore?

Brian Moylan · 05/11/10 05:18PM

Jersey Shore turned out to be a major cash cow for MTV, club promoters, photo agencies, and any innocent bystander who a cast member happened to attack. But now that everyone wants a piece, will they bleed it dry?

Jessica Simpson: It's Time to Say Goodbye

Brian Moylan · 03/09/10 05:05PM

With her latest stab at relevancy—a new single and a VH1 show—Jessica Simpson is yet again being shoved down our collective gullet. It's time for this uninteresting, talentless person to take a hike. Forever!

Lindsay Lohan Too Crazy (Or Broke) Even for Her Flack (Updated)

Ryan Tate · 03/09/10 02:17PM

Lindsay Lohan is "on hiatus" from her power-publicist Leslie Sloan-Zelnick, reports the website Crushable. So the actress will have to explain suing a taunting milkaholic baby and getting fired from an escort job on her own. She's a very creative communicator! Update: We've been told that Lohan has been on hiatus with her publicist since last summer and Sloane-Zelnick has been typically directing reporters to contact Lohan's lawyer instead.

The New Rules for Judging Oscar Fashion

Brian Moylan · 03/02/10 01:55PM

The Academy Awards have become more about the clothes and less about the awards themselves. Too bad all the ensembles are bland creations some stylist picked out. It's time to free ourselves from the tyranny of the Worst Dressed List!

The Trouble with Alec Baldwin

Brian Moylan · 02/17/10 12:09PM

Alec Baldwin is hot right now. He is an outspoken Hollywood liberal beloved by the media and cultural elite. But in his private life, he's a bit of an asshole. What are we going to do about Alec?

Ayla Brown, Meghan McCain, and the New Republican Fameballs

Pareene · 01/21/10 03:26PM

Perhaps the weirdest attack John McCain made against Barack Obama in 2008 was his brief summer campaign charging that Obama was a celebrity. Because Americans, you know, like celebrities. And this year's Republicans have finally learned that lesson.

Tila Tequila: Disgusting Little Girl

Brian Moylan · 01/07/10 01:55PM

When Tila Tequila first popped onto the scene, she was the harmless, if ugly, face of fame's grim seduction. In the wake of "fiancée" Casey Johnson's death, she now represents everything wrong with our modern era.