Cue The Sad Smooth-Jazz Saxophone: Kenny G's Marriage Is Kaput

A.J. Daulerio · 01/19/12 07:41PM

Mr. G's wife decides that 20 years of marriage was enough, according to TMZ. "The last few years I felt like I was trapped in a St. Petersburg hotel elevator from 1989 ," I wish his wife told TMZ. Unfortunately, she did not. Those females interested in snagging the newly single Mr. G should inquire about his upcoming Alaskan Cruise for a chance to spend some quality time with him, possibly even an igloo orgy. [photo: Ask Men]

Charlie Sheen's Ugly Messages After The Beep

Seth Abramovitch · 04/24/06 09:28PM

Hollywood is still reeling from the shocking accusations about Charlie Sheen that surfaced Friday in a sworn statement made by ex-wife Denise Richards, in which the actress detailed Sheen's history of verbal and physical abuse and his penchant for faux-underage porn. ETonline now reports Richards has been photographed kissing blindsided Heather Locklear divorce casualty Richie Sambora. ET showed Sheen the pictures, to which he made the witty, lyric-appropriate comment, "Those two give love a bad name." (Yes, he really said that.) He also tells ET that the "allegations are 'baseless' and a 'smear campaign.'" While Mary Hart may be easy to convince, we're less so, especially after reading transcripts of six voicemails allegedly left by Sheen for Richards last April when she was still pregnant with the couple's second child, made available today by The Smoking Gun. An excerpt:

Denise Richards Drops Bomb On Charlie Sheen

mark · 04/21/06 04:26PM

The shit has officially hit the fan (and by "shit" we mean the abuse shit, the drug shit, the gambling shit, and the online ambisexual jailbait porn shit) in the Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards divorce proceedings, as the actress has filed a mindblowing declaration today detailing the disintegration of their marriage. The Smoking Gun has the document, summarizing the "we knew Charlie was kind of a sickie, but my god" contents thusly: