"I Always Knew Claire Danes Was A Weirdo But This Is TOO Much"

Emily Gould · 07/09/07 11:30AM

From our mailbag: "Dear Gawker, I recently had the displeasure of sitting through the snore fest that is "Evening" and wanted to share some thoughts with you. This movie was atrocious in every way ... there wasn't 1 minute of it that was enjoyable ... despite "the greatest actresses of our time" plodding through it. Despite it's grand themes of regret, loss and death, what I took away from the film was this ... Hugh Dancy is the younger cuter Billy Crudup. What is up with Claire Danes, she is a total sicko ... like how can you start dating someone who is the younger "cooler" British version of your old man boyfriend? Fucking weird and gross. I always knew Claire Danes was a weirdo but this is TOO much." Right? Seriously.