Salma Hayek's Hacked Emails Reveal Celebrity's Quotidian Existence

Owen Thomas · 04/23/09 02:54PM

Hackers have broken into Salma Hayek's email, revealing the actress's iPhone-app obsession, designer-clothes habit, travel plans, and more. (Her billionaire husband, François-Henri Pinault, who's throwing a second wedding for her this weekend, pays the bill!)

Oprah Fails to Tweet on Her Big Twitter Show

Owen Thomas · 04/17/09 03:32PM

How could one possibly make Twitter even more of an exercise in self-absorption? How about by broadcasting yourself on national TV while using Twitter? Oprah's big Twitter show is on right now and we're watching.

Comic Genius Behind Dina Lohan's Fake Tweets Outed

Owen Thomas · 03/28/09 06:07PM

A LiveJournal user says the brilliant mind behind the crazed tweets of celebrity mom Dina Lohan is a 24-year-old Michigan man named Matt Cherette. Cherette, who's confessed, has a career in Hollywood awaiting him.

Lohan Mom's Twitter Stupid — or Crazy Smart

Owen Thomas · 03/28/09 01:00PM

Either Lindsay Lohan's entire crazy family is really on Twitter, or the world's best comedy writers have taken to the medium. Here are Dina Lohan's Twitter tales of bad tea, insidious censorship, and "HATERS."

Everyone's Real Fake on Twitter

Owen Thomas · 03/27/09 02:56AM

How do you know all those tweet-happy celebrities are the real deal? 50 Cent, Keith Olbermann, Christopher Walken, and Britney Spears are just a few of those with questionable Twitter identities.

It's So Awkward Being Rich These Days

Owen Thomas · 01/07/09 03:34PM

Unconspicuous consumption is the hot new thing. That $300 million megayacht? Tacky, what with the layoffs. Private jet? Forget about it, after Detroit's debacle. Even the celebrity goodie-bag business is endangered.

Travolta's Rumored Gay Lover Discovered Dead Son

Owen Thomas · 01/03/09 04:27PM

Did Travolta hire his unqualified gay lover to care for an ill child, who then died on the faux nanny's watch? If so, you won't read about it in the trashiest of Internet tabloids.

"I Love the '80s" star banned from Facebook

Owen Thomas · 12/18/08 05:29PM

What did comedian Michael Ian Black do to get banned from Facebook? I'd like to think it was karmic payback for providing the voice of the Pets.com sock puppet, an enduring icon of dotcom disaster.