The Christian 'Fuck You' Remix: 'Bless You'

Hamilton Nolan · 03/16/11 09:55AM

The New York Times trips and stumbles all over itself today in an entire article about songs with the work "Fuck" which does not contain the word "Fuck." Your prayer is answered, NYT: "Bless You," the Christian remix of Cee-Lo's blasphemous hit. Completely soothing to the easily-offended sensibilities of New York Times editors! (Except for that keyboard player.)

Awkward Celebrity Seat Mates at NBA Games: An Appreciation

Maureen O'Connor · 02/21/11 02:53PM

Basketball games are among the best places for spotting celebrities in the wild. Since the famous folk frequent court side seats, the view is often unobstructed; the lighting is good; cameras are welcome; and, due to the magic of assigned seating, they often end up interacting with unexpected members of their flock. Case in point: At last night's NBA All-Stars game, Justin Bieber sat next to Rihanna.

Cee-Lo Green's "F*ck You" Should Have Been the Song of the Summer

Matt Cherette · 08/20/10 06:54PM

The Internet's been buzzing all day about "Fuck You," a new track from Cee-Lo Green. The only negative here is that it didn't come out in time to be dubbed "Song of the Summer," because it's criminally catchy. Listen inside.