Head of NYPD Civilian Review Board Resigns One Day After Being Sued By His Own Director

Andy Cush · 04/13/16 04:57PM

The chair of New York City’s Civilian Complaint Review Board, an independent government agency tasked with reviewing complaints against the NYPD, announced his resignation today. The news comes one day after the CCRB’s executive director filed a lawsuit him, alleging that he referred to her and other female employees as “pussies” and “[trampled] on the rights of and [retaliated] against those who complain about his misogynistic views.”

NYPD Union Leaders Are Still Completely Out of Their Minds

Andy Cush · 10/09/15 10:21AM

Yesterday in front of the NYPD’s Civilian Complaint Review Board, a police captain pled guilty to pointing his gun at a pair of tweenage boys who were playing tag in their Bed Stuy street in 2013. He received just 30 days of lost vacation time for threatening deadly force against two innocent children. You might think he got off pretty easy. His union does not.