Maggie Lange · 08/06/13 11:36AM

Here's the soundtrack from Randall Miller's CBGB movie. Alan Rickman plays CBGB owner Hilly Kristal, Malin Akerman is Debbie Harry, Rupert Grint takes on Cheetah Chrome, and Mickey Sumner plays Patti Smith.

As Everything Else Dies Out These Days, So Has Rock 'n' Roll

Richard Lawson · 12/09/08 04:15PM

Sad but true, I'm afraid. Elmer Valentine, who opened and owned the famed West Hollywood music magnet Whisky a Go Go (they invented the practice of having Go Go dancers in hanging cages!), died last week at the age of 85. The former "dirty cop" from Chicago opened the club in 1964, which would play host to the likes of The Doors (who were the humble house band for a time), Van Morrison, and Frank Zappa. The New York Times obit doesn't mention the future of the club, but whether it carries on or not (we're sure it will), a legend has still shuffled off. Oh, and speaking of legends, remember CBGB's? The "counter-culture" club closed back in 2006 (sniff!), and now its name is being wrestled to the ground and branded over and over again:

Joshua Stein · 10/23/07 09:30AM

John Varvatos, the fashion designer who has made a career of co-opting rock n' rollers from Alice Cooper to Chris Cornell and Iggy Pop, has taken over what used to be CBGBs. His store will open in the spring. Unrelatedly, the New York City Coroner Office officially pronounced Punk dead this morning at 11:03 am. He is survived by his younger brother Emo and his sister, Balkan-infused Pop. Memorial Drinks and canapés will be served at Whole Foods Bowery. [NYP]