Was There a Gas Leak at the Broadway Opening of "Cats"

Gabrielle Bluestone · 08/03/16 09:04AM

The play “Cats” returned to Broadway this week, which is all fine and good, but let’s talking about opening night, the Page Six description of which sounds like the kind of fever dream Mario Lopez might have if he took three Valium with a bottle of Kombucha and fell asleep in the sun.

Hamilton Nolan · 03/25/16 04:00PM

A study finds that people who have “recurrent bouts of extreme, impulsive anger” are more than twice as likely to carry a parasite that is transmitted through the feces of infected cats. Eating cat butt make you mad.

I Have Found The One Good Cat

Chris Thompson · 10/11/15 04:15PM

Cats are known the world over for being evil little shits. And this cat is also an evil little shit. But this cat puts his evil ways to use for the good of all living things, waging war for a thousand generations against flutists. The flute is the thing that is worse than cats, and this good cat, rather than compound his badness by playing the flute, is taking a stand. That puts him on the side of the right. Good cat.

Damn, Dude, This Cat Is Cool as Hell

Hudson Hongo · 09/07/15 08:45PM

Oh man, I thought I’d seen some cool cats. Like some really cool ones. I realize now how wrong I’ve been, because this cat—wow—this cat is really something else.

Do You Think My Stepdad Would Like a Cat Bed For Father's Day?

Dayna Evans · 06/16/15 11:50AM

In searching for a Father’s Day present for my stepdad, I hit up all the best sites:, google: “father’s day”,, and finally Etsy. While my returns on the first three were lackluster—what’s he going to do with another grill spatula with a light wood handle?—I was surprised to learn that Etsy really came through for a gal in need.

Teacher Accused of Boinking His Student Claims His Cat Opened the Lube

Aleksander Chan · 02/27/15 02:32PM

Richard Hovan, a 33-year-old former prep school teacher, is accused of having sex with his 16-year-old student. The two were apparently discovered in 2011 by Hovan's now ex-fiancé, who snapped a photo of the two in flagrante delicto, an open bottle of lube on the table. Hovan testified in Manhattan Supreme Court this week that he couldn't have possibly opened the bottle of lube—but his cat might have. "My cats open the fridge, they open the cabinet, all of those things. I don't know," Hovan said.