Lacey Donohue · 10/08/13 06:26PM

The 9-year-old boy who flew to Las Vegas without a ticket isn’t new to such shenanigans. He apparently has a “history” of taking the light rail without his parents to a local water park where he would sneak in by hiding with large families. And just two weeks ago, the boy stole a car and was arrested on the highway.

Teenager 'Performed Examinations' While Posing as Physician's Assistant

Max Read · 09/03/11 12:11PM

Being a physician's assistant seems like a great job, doesn't it? Except for all that pesky "learning" and "certification" you have to go through. Bo-ring! Seventeen-year-old Matthew Scheidt figured out a better system: Just pretend to be a P.A. and people will believe you!

Facebook Fugitive Taunts Cops with Pictures and Status Updates

Maureen O'Connor · 12/29/09 02:15AM

Remember how, in Catch Me If You Can, fugitive Leonardo DiCaprio kept calling Detective Tom Hanks to taunt him? Here is a convicted burglar doing the same thing, in real time on Facebook. Should we celebrate or fear him?