Do You Like Me?

Rich Juzwiak · 08/11/16 02:45PM

I’m really sorry to bother you, but my ability to feed myself depends on your answer to the question in the headline that I’m going to reprint to save your hand the work of scrolling and/your eyes the burden of peering upward: Do you like me?

This Cat Is Still Alive, Which Is Worth Acknowledging 

Kelly Conaboy · 08/14/15 12:24PM

An old cat—can you imagine? Little glasses. Sitting in a chair while he reads a book. You see him in a bar having a drink by himself and it makes you sad for a minute, rudely—probably he isn’t even sad. Congratulations to Corduroy, the oldest living cat.

Fish Slaps Cat

Neetzan Zimmerman · 05/03/12 08:15AM

Oscar the fish teaches the house cat a valuable lesson: Never underestimate your opponent simply because he has no arms and can't breathe oxygen that has not been extracted from water.

Did This Woman Blow Heroin On Her Cat Until It Died?

Seth Abramovitch · 07/07/11 11:54PM

A 21-year-old woman from Boulder is currently in police custody for having allegedly blown heroin smoke on her boyfriend's cat, Muffin, until it succumbed to a massive overdose.

Here's the Sleepiest Cat in the World

Matt Cherette · 03/10/11 05:53PM

Well, folks, the headline pretty much says it all... here's 78 seconds of a really, really, really sleepy cat begrudgingly being woken up by its owners (who want to assure you that it's not drugged—or dead!—just sleepy).

This Cat Really Wants Some Meat

Matt Cherette · 02/09/11 11:16PM

Here's a video of an adorable little kitty cat who smells food. So, what else is it to do than to sit patiently like a human, hoping that a bite falls its way? Well, besides looking *so* cute, that is.

Cat Seeks Refuge From Playful Companion in Plastic Fortress

Matt Cherette · 01/26/11 08:02PM

Here's a cat video to trump all other cat videos (until the next great cat video, at least). Watch as the kitten, Caro, attempts to extract the bigger cat, Miho, from a plastic fortress. Caro just wants to play!