Which Political Blogger Wants A Casual Encounter in Denver?

Pareene · 08/27/08 05:24PM

Hah. He's 40 (40-year-old blogger! sad!), 5'11", and "went to one of those selective East Coast schools." Always important when looking for anonymous tail in a strange town! Guesses? We honestly don't even want to hazard one. (If Doree's list is representative, Craigslist Denver seems to be crawling with dudes looking to "pleasure" those hot lady Obama voters.) [Craigslist via NYO]

"Want a Girl who reads Gawker - m4w - 29"

Sheila · 02/20/08 11:17AM

Not that anybody here scans Craiglist's "casual encounters" at 10am—but thanks for the tip, College Callgirl! At 3:42 this morning, some lonely soul posted a m4w that he was "looking for a girl who reads Gawker... eh, I figure if we have that in common, we'd probably hit it off in the sack." Well, that's assuming a lot! Our female readers are not slutty, we're sure... "Preferably before the sun comes out," he adds. OK, which one of you posted this? [Craigslist]