Here's the First Scene from the Firefly Reunion on Tonight's Castle

Matt Toder · 04/17/12 12:45AM

Tonight, the Nathan Fillion vehicle Castle welcomed guest star Adam Baldwin, who also co-starred with Fillion on the quickly cancelled but still beloved Joss Whedon space western Firelfy. Back then, the two had an easy chemistry that often belied the contentious relationship between their characters. Clearly, the chemistry hasn't gone anywhere as the two spent the majority of the episode sparring. Here's the first scene from their reunion.

Castle: Hey Writers, Don't Piss Off the Fans (or the Bloggers)!

Emily Chen · 03/22/11 08:30AM

During the investigation of a murdered writer, Castle and Beckett find that there are fans and then there are FANS. The difference between them is that super-fans just may be obsessive enough to kill when the show doesn't go their way.

Castle Finally Gets the Kiss We've All Been Waiting For

Emily Chen · 01/25/11 12:27AM

Tonight, more secrets about the murder of Beckett's mother start turning up as does the heat between this crime solving duo. All that unresolved sexual tension has to go somewhere. It's long overdue, but their kiss actually happened!

Castle Makes Magic and Murder Look Easy

Emily Chen · 01/11/11 01:30AM

While examining the death of a magic shop owner, Castle and Beckett revisit their childhood as well as cliched themes à la The Prestige. However, secrets of the trade aren't the only ones being revealed during the investigation. Highlights inside.

The Kennedys Killed The Kennedys

Richard Lawson · 01/10/11 04:27PM

The canceled miniseries may have been canceled due to family pressure. Also today: Glee will not be saluting Justin Bieber, your favorite shows have been renewed, and Wicked heads to the small screen. No, not that Wicked. Not really.

Castle's New Leading Lady Is Stunning and Slightly Creepy

Emily Chen · 01/04/11 12:30AM

Castle gets to live out a secret fantasy as the actress playing his hit character Nikki Heat shadows and mimics Det. Beckett. Unfortunately, it's not long until her mannerisms get just a little too creepy for Beckett to handle.

Castle Goes X-Files and Gets Abducted by Aliens

Emily Chen · 11/16/10 12:10AM

Castle and Beckett become true believers while investigating the murder of an astrophysicist who seems to have died in space. Unfortunately, when they start digging a little too deep, it's not only their murder victim that gets an otherworldly visit.

Castle Meets Hans: The Sexiest Murder Suspect in NYC

Sarah Prial · 11/02/10 03:19PM

While investigating the murderer of a male stripper, Beckett and Castle interview Hans, the flaxen-haired beauty with a potentially German accent. His vanity and disdain for "artsy fartsy" acting are upsetting but it gets worse. He's from New Jersey.

Castle Trades in Murder for a $10 Million Treasure Hunt

Emily Chen · 10/04/10 11:25PM

While investigating what seemed to be an open and shut murder case, Castle and Beckett stumbled upon a treasure map. What followed sounds like a really bad joke literally involving a priest, a thief, an angry wife and a geriatric.

Tina Fey Is F-cking Matt Damon

Richard Lawson · 03/31/10 10:23AM

It's true! Dirty, dirty f'ing. Also today: Remember Stephen Dorff? You're about to. A terrible remake sounds terrible. Plus news about all of your favorite TV shows, from Veronica Mars to that other one.