Caity Weaver · 09/27/13 12:28PM

Taylor Swift to die because she has too many feelings.

Sandra Bullock in Talks to Play Miss Hannigan in Jay-Z's Annie

Caity Weaver · 06/13/13 06:00PM

America adores Sandra Bullock. No matter how many bombs she lobs at our box offices, no matter how many hitchhikers she drops bloodied and bruised on our dusty country roads, no matter how many Canadian dimes she plops in our tip jars, America adores her. For her next trick, Sandra Bullock will be get drunk and scream at a 9-year-old orphan that nobody loves her. America's going to adore it.

Downton Abbey Is Adding a Black Guy

Caity Weaver · 02/26/13 01:12PM

Downton Abbey? More like Show About a Black Person Abbey. Looks like everyone's favorite program about dramatic white people (of the non-Real Housewives variety) is set to introduce its first black character in the upcoming fourth season.

Nicole Kidman Finally Outed, But Not The Way You Think

Molly Friedman · 02/13/08 01:31PM

Hearing the news that Nicole Kidman will play Valerie Plame in the upcoming big-screen version of PlameGate is like hearing your biggest crush is going to be at some party: yeah they're really cute and that's great news, but who else is gonna be there? As in, who's director Doug Liman gonna get to play Dubya (our vote: Will Ferrell, of course!)? Scooter Libby? Bob Novak? Cheney, for chrissakes? As the Jumper director told MTV News, his take on tackling what could go down as one of George Bush's biggest missteps might require more far-fetched casting choices than Cinematical's suggestion of Richard Gere for Novak. As Liman says, "I have a really, really insane take on how to tell it. It's so outrageous." You know what would be really outrageous? Casting the entire movie using members of the SNL family!