Tinsley Mortimer: 'America's Answer to Princess Di'

cityfile · 08/14/09 10:26AM

Perhaps you've been wondering where Tinsley Mortimer has been the last couple of months? The New York socialite has been spending a good deal of her time in Europe now that she's a soon-to-be divorcée and the new man in her life, Prince Casimir Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn (or "Cassie), lives in London. So how are things going with the 33-year-old "man-about-town" who is descended from German royals, even though he looks more like a Greek shipping heir, or maybe the spoiled son of a Eastern European tyrant? And what happened with her ex, Topper Mortimer? Luckily, the Tinz sat down with London's Evening Standard and shared a few details.

Tinsley Takes Flight, Renee's New Man

cityfile · 07/02/09 05:58AM

• First Michael Jackson dies, and now this? It seems it's over for Tinsley Mortimer and her husband, Topper, now that Tinz is in London where she's taken up with a German prince named Casimir Wittgenstein-Sayn. Why the change of heart? For starters, "Cassie" makes more money than Topper and owns a castle in Germany. Even more importantly, marrying him would finally make the Tinz a princess. And opportunities like that don't come along every day, naturally. [P6, DM]
• Bradley Cooper denied rumors the other day that he's been dating Jennifer Aniston. One possible reason for that: It looks like he's involved with Renee Zellweger instead. [P6]
• Kevin Jonas is engaged. He's one of those annoying Jonas Brothers, in case you're not up to speed on your annoying teen pop stars. [People]
• A few years ago, someone walking through the meatpacking district would have complained about the stench of rotting meat. Nowadays? They're whining that Diane von Furstenberg's store is pumping perfume into the air. [P6]