Donald Trump Versus the American Worker

Hamilton Nolan · 07/13/16 02:00PM

“Donald Trump says Carl Icahn should be in charge of the entire American economy!” shouted the man into the bullhorn as we stood in front of Trump Tower. “Everything you hate about the American economy, Carl Icahn does.” America’s working class Trump supporters still have ample time to reconsider.

Hamilton Nolan · 06/16/16 11:25AM

On the same day Macy’s narrowly averted a strike by its employees, union representatives say there is “overwhelming support” for a July 1 strike by more than 6,000 Atlantic City casino workers, whose average pay is less than $25,000 per year. Fortunately, strikes tend to work.

Hamilton Nolan · 11/19/14 12:41PM

Despite a serious "oversupply situation" of casinos in the Northeast, and despite the ongoing collapse of casinos in Atlantic City, Philadelphia has just issued a license for a new casino in the city. Well. Philly's full of degenerate gamblers, so maybe they'll "get lucky" ;)

Gambling Will Never Save Us

Hamilton Nolan · 09/09/14 09:07AM

As Boardwalk Empire begins its final season, so does real life Atlantic City, where grand casinos are closing at an unprecedented clip. Our elected leaders' solution to these financial troubles? More gambling. It will never work.

No More Casinos, Please

Hamilton Nolan · 11/04/13 03:04PM

Tomorrow, New Yorkers will vote on whether or not to allow "as many as seven Las Vegas-style casinos" to be built in New York. Supporters say it's a great way to raise money for schools. Wrong.

You Will Not Win at Gambling

Hamilton Nolan · 10/14/13 09:31AM

Gambling is a system of selling hope in exchange for money. Hope springs eternal, but money always runs out. New statistics show just how hopeless your futile dreams of striking it rich really are.

Legendary Poker Player Arrested for Marking Cards

Gabrielle Bluestone · 09/28/13 02:49PM

A legendary poker player who once turned $50 into $40 million over a three-year streak was arrested this week for allegedly marking cards at a casino in Lakeside, CA.

Who the Hell Wants to Go to a Casino in Maryland?

Hamilton Nolan · 11/08/12 04:50PM

The state of Maryland, well known for... always being there, has voted to allow casino gambling. Casino companies spent $80 million to get the bill passed, in order to earn the privilege of building an $800 million "destination resort" in Prince George's County, where people will go and gamble.

How Not to Rob a Casino

Hamilton Nolan · 08/01/12 09:55AM

If you wanted to rob a high-end Las Vegas casino, I imagine the best plan would be something involving an inside accomplice, cutting-edge technology, stealth, and a well-planned getaway. The "run in and grab what you can" method would not be the primary choice of most successful casino robbers.

Casinos Are for Losers

Hamilton Nolan · 03/15/12 01:34PM

Michael Sokolove's NYT Magazine cover story this week is about the decline of the casino gambling industry—overinvestment followed by the recession, and oversupply of casinos which raises competition for a declining amount of disposable income. What will this mean for state tax revenue? What will this mean for Native American tribes? What will this mean for gamblers with money burning holes in their pockets?