Connecticut Man Swears He Was Sleepwalking, Not Committing Armed Robbery. Also, This Is All a Dream.

Caity Weaver · 06/07/12 10:58PM

The next time you get caught doing something you shouldn't (stealing food off a friend's plate, coveting thy neighbor's wife, etc.) one way you could try to get out of it is by opening your eyes really wide and yelling "Oh, what, what time is it, where am I, oh, man, I was asleep, bro, I was fast asleep and I just woke up and found myself here doing something I shouldn't – what happened?"

The Most Ridiculous Edited-for-TV Movie Lines

Matt Toder · 10/19/10 11:30AM

Everybody loves movies with colorful language. But what happens when those films filter down to television, where their content is controlled by the FCC? Well, censors have to get really creative! Here's a collection of the most ridiculous "edited-for-TV" moments.

Pareene · 10/19/07 09:00AM

The FBI dealt a stunning blow to the power of magic late Wednesday night with a bizarre raid of illusionist David Copperfield's Las Vegas house, presumably performed in a frenetic, jump cut-heavy style as a classic rock song played. They made off with $2 million in cash, a hard drive, and his camera's memory stick, as related by E! and a detached Robert DeNiro voiceover. The FBI refuses to say what it's all about, except that it involves "an on-going investigation" that began in Washington (State!). Then the FBI stopped by the MGM-Grand, where Copperfield is scheduled to be in residence for two weeks in November. And Joe Pesci suffered some sort of violent death. Copperfield's vast collection of "perception-deceiving devices" was untouched, thankfully. But yeah, what the hell is this about? Are the feds finally busting up the magic racket? Can they indict Criss Angel? Please? [E! via Yahoo!]