Body Language: Will They Last?

cityfile · 12/09/09 01:33PM

In the world of celebrities, socialites, and reality stars, relationships are more often "blink-and-you'll-miss-it" than "long-term." That's to be expected, of course. Think of all the temptations when countless other beautiful people are around! To size up the potential of a handful of newer and more high-profile couples on the New York City scene, we turned to Patti Wood, the "Babe Ruth of body language experts" who has evaluated unspoken signals for hundreds of media outlets over the years. Join us below as Wood breaks down which twosomes are destined for eternal bliss—and which are bound for a break-up.

Tinsley Mortimer: 'America's Answer to Princess Di'

cityfile · 08/14/09 10:26AM

Perhaps you've been wondering where Tinsley Mortimer has been the last couple of months? The New York socialite has been spending a good deal of her time in Europe now that she's a soon-to-be divorcée and the new man in her life, Prince Casimir Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn (or "Cassie), lives in London. So how are things going with the 33-year-old "man-about-town" who is descended from German royals, even though he looks more like a Greek shipping heir, or maybe the spoiled son of a Eastern European tyrant? And what happened with her ex, Topper Mortimer? Luckily, the Tinz sat down with London's Evening Standard and shared a few details.