Will the 'World's Worst Signature' Make It Onto New Dollar Bills?

Taylor Berman · 01/09/13 10:49PM

Jack Lew, Obama's current chief of staff and his reported choice to replace Timothy Geithner as Treasury Secretary, is known for a lot of things – the New York Times says he's a "fiscal progressive" with "fiscal expertise" and a "low-key style," whatever any of that means – but that's not what we're here to discuss; instead let's talk about his signature, which will soon grace all new dollar bills.

Japanese Quake Survivors Have Returned $78 Million in Lost Cash

Seth Abramovitch · 08/18/11 01:53AM

It's now time for a story that restores your faith in mankind, even if it means going all the way to Japan to find it: In the five months since that country's devastating quake and tsunami, almost $78 million in cash has been found amongst the wreckage and turned in.

Apple Has More Cash Than the U.S. Government

Max Read · 07/30/11 08:49AM

Why do we even bother with our stupid old "democratically-elected government," anyway? Let's replace it with Apple, Inc., which not only has a better design aesthetic but right now has more money than the U.S. Government:

Cash Sweepstakes Prizes Now Power American Economy

Hamilton Nolan · 11/25/08 11:16AM

With people scraping together pennies for Kool-Aid, all ads harping on the hard times we're having, and coupons making a comeback, things are getting a little stressful for you, the good ol' American consumer. Well, how would you like some Free Cash? Would you? Would you? Would you do anything? Anything at all? Well shake that ass and empty that wallet, consumers, cause corporate America is making it rain! Cash giveaways are the new advertising trend, according to advertising trendwatcher- in-chief Stuart Elliott. Sweepstakes and cash prizes are a paltry sum for big companies, but for The Poors that now make up 87% of our nation, they're the only thing standing between them and cannibalism. The most ironic contest is's Portfolio Challenge, with a $1 million prize for building a successful mock portfolio. If you can build a successful portfolio these days, you're worth a lot more than that.

Rich Dude Drops $10,000 Cash on Crowd of Poors

ian spiegelman · 06/01/08 03:03PM

What's a wealthy businessman to do for kicks in Jakarta, Indonesia? Hey, that place like incredibly poor! Why not fly over a bunch of impoverished citizens, dump $10,691 in small bills, and see what happens? Okay!

Big Changes To Small Denominations

Rebecca · 03/13/08 01:01PM

Breaking news guys. Take your wallet out, find a five. See that green hue? It's about to change. In fact, everything about how we exchange goods and services in five dollar increments is changing. The new $5 bill will be purple. Look, US Mint, American money is green and I don't care if that's made our money easy to counterfeit. Our greenbacks make me proud to be an American. Have you even seen the fruity bills they use in other countries? And don't get me started about the dollar coin. Look, if I wanted my change to be worth more than 8 minutes on the dryer, I'd move to Canada. [Reuters]