Casey Spooner

cityfile · 02/03/08 09:35PM

Spooner is the hyper-dramatic frontman of electropop group Fischerspooner.

Fischerspooner in Seattle

Gawker · 04/27/03 01:59PM

A reader reports from a Fischerspooner concert in Seattle, which sounds pretty much identical to Fischerspooner in New York: "My take on the Fischerspooner show in seattle. And yes, I saw the trend nerd in fake Gucci sunglasses and fake "i fucked anna wintour" t-shirt.


Gawker · 04/12/03 01:51PM

The NYT's Carl Swanson attended the Fischerspooner concert Wednesday night at the Hammerstein Ballroom. (So did I, but you won't get my report until Monday.) If you haven't heard of them, Fischerspooner began as a quasi-art project by two Chicago Art Institute grads and developed a cult following performing at clubs in Williamsburg and art galleriesi.e., Deitch Projects in SoHo. If you have heard of them, you're probably rolling your eyes, and moaning, "Oh my god, Fischerspooner is, like, sooooo three years ago. My friend is, like, friends with Casey Spooner, and like..." Yeah, yeah, yeah. We'll talk about it on Monday. It should be noted that their first performance was at the Astor Place Starbucks. Front man Casey Spooner lipsynched a song about being hit on by an Indian cab driver while Warren Fischer (the composer) pressed play on the boom box. Spooner on that performance: " It felt great to do [a show in] Starbucks. It totally disturbed an environment that has become such a natural part of our day. It was great to disturb that homogeneousness. Imagine it: you come in to grab a coffee and there's a guy in a monkey suit doing a striptease to electro music surrounded by backing singers wearing red vinyl panties. In a Star-fucking-bucks."
Come on, pretend it's a really big concert [NYT]

Gawker Exclusive: Fischerspooner Album Release Party

Gawker · 02/27/03 07:33AM

It was midnight-ish at the Tribeca Grand on Tuesday night and varied and sundry Billyburg hipsters were lined up at the coat check to avail themselves of their artfully torn fur coats and intentionally satin jackets. The twenty-something girl in front of me had a magazine picture of Justin Timberlake safety-pinned to her black t-shirt. It was, like, ironic.