Attention SoHo Boutiques: Do Not Let Taylor Swift Return These Jeans

Caity Weaver · 04/16/14 11:15AM

Nashville drifter Taylor was photographed in New York City on Tuesday, trying out a cheerful spring look and running a scam as usual. While we don't know for sure if her bag was made of carpet, we can say for certain that her jeans were made of 55% Cotton/42% Tencel/3% Polyurethane, because she left the tag on them. Swift, who can afford but one pair of pants at a time, is no doubt planning to return these trousers at a later date, either for cash or store credit: "Hi. I'd like to return these unworn pants. No, they are unworn."

Five Olympic Carpetbaggers to Watch

Sarah Hedgecock · 02/13/14 10:30AM

We love our Olympic heroes—those whose hard work and talent have made them the best our country has to offer. But what about those who rely on property ownership, distant ancestry claims, and willing governments to sneak through on middling talent?

Harold Ford, Yellow-Dog Democrat

John Cook · 02/09/10 11:25AM

Harold Ford may or may not remember where he lives, but he certainly knows when he's home—because his eyes are assaulted by a garish array of yellow and turquoise walls. No wonder he's trying to sell it.