Carol Bartz's Elusive New F-Bomb

Ryan Tate · 05/27/09 07:10PM

Yahoo's delightfully potty-mouthed CEO dropped another one of her famous F-bombs on the Wall Street Journal's Kara Swisher at the D conference today. The Journal's been promoting the incident online, but can't seem to bring itself to air video of the cussing.

Yahoo Flack Quit After Lawsuit Leak

Owen Thomas · 02/17/09 01:45PM

One of the messes Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz must clean up is a three-year-old investigation into claims of discrimination by a black female lawyer. After a leak of confidential documents, it's now even messier.

Carol Bartz's Leak Problem

Owen Thomas · 01/25/09 11:56PM

No one said patching up Yahoo would be easy. New CEO Carol Bartz is trying to crack down on leaks at the troubled Web giant. How do we know this? Someone leaked a memo.

Jerry Yang Saves His Company

Owen Thomas · 01/21/09 07:26PM

Carol Bartz may have replaced Yahoo founder Jerry Yang as the troubled Web giant's CEO. But he's still on the payroll and the board of directors. And Yahoo could use help. Just not from him!

New CEO Swears Like a Sailor at Yahoo Blabbers

Owen Thomas · 01/14/09 03:12PM

Yahoo has long been the leakiest ship in Silicon Valley. So what is its new captain, tough-talking former Autodesk chief Carol Bartz, going to do about it? Cuss a lot!

Yahoo's Depressing Backup Plan

Owen Thomas · 01/08/09 05:25PM

No one wants to buy Yahoo. And the only person who wants to run Yahoo is an insider who helped sink it. Is there any hope left for the beleaguered Web giant?