Carly Fiorina to Dog: "Obama Ate Your Cousin"

Ashley Feinberg · 12/15/15 12:00PM

“Feed me a line,” failed HP CEO and presidential candidate Carly Fiorina says through gritted teeth as an army of tiny pups squirms in her lap. She is visibly uncomfortable—irate even. But she is smiling a wide-eyed, crazed smile. In a few seconds she will be eating dog food. This is Carly Fiorina’s attempt at being human.

Not a Single HP Employee Reported Donating to Carly Fiorina's Campaign

Ashley Feinberg · 10/01/15 01:18PM

Given her lack of any real political experience, former candidate for senator of California and current republican candidate for president Carly Fiorina has been touting (what she claims to be) her revered and profitable tenure as former HP CEO as a sign of what she could do for the nation if given the chance. Which is why it’s too bad that, of the 302,000 current HP employees, not a single one has donated a reportable amount to Carly Fiorina’s campaign.

Aleksander Chan · 05/04/15 06:43AM

Former Hewlett-Packard chief exec Carly Fiorina and retired Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon (and idiot) Ben Carson have officially joined the 2016 presidential race. They’re up against Senators Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul for the GOP nomination.

Cone of Silence

Brian Moylan · 11/01/10 06:01PM

[A liberal tot tries to hide from Republican Senate candidate Carly Fiorina outside a GOP phone bank in California today. Image via Getty]

California City Officially Throws in the Towel

Jeff Neumann · 06/23/10 06:20AM

The small city of Maywood, California, is broke. So the city is planning to disband its police force, lay off municipal employees, and hire outside help to run day-to-day operations. Only a handful of top officials will remain in place.

Carly Fiorina's Iran Problem

Ryan Tate · 08/31/09 01:04PM

It is notoriously difficult for business executives to jump into politics. California Senate hopeful Carly Fiorina's Iranian connection provides a textbook illustration of why.

How Not to Pad Your Resumé

Ryan Tate · 07/13/09 05:05PM

California is a hotbed for wacky, inexperienced politicians, like current Gov. Arnold Schwazenegger and his would-be replacement, former eBay CEO Meg Whitman. Luckily, these people can all learn how not to launch a campaign, by watching Carly Fiorina.