The Lost Finale Was Incredibly Dumb

Max Read · 05/23/10 10:59PM

Once upon a time, there was a television show about a bunch of people on an island. For six years it was one of the most fascinating things on TV. And then it ended, in the worst way possible.

Does Lost Owe Us Anything?

Richard Lawson · 05/20/10 04:45PM

As the bigtime Lost finale approaches (Sunday, 9pm), folks are getting concerned that the show won't end satisfyingly. Well, concerned might be too gentle. Some people are preemptively angry. We're wondering today: Do they have a right to be?

Geeking Out at the LOST Exhibition

Whitney Jefferson · 05/19/10 09:40PM

Tonight, a special preview of the Lost showcase at the Vilcek Foundation was held for select members of the press. Somehow we were invited and decided to channel our extreme excitement into photos for the rest of you to enjoy.

Lost's Shephard Siblings Can't Behave Themselves

Anderson Evans · 02/24/10 02:48PM

Here's a LOST theory for you: If Jack and Claire don't have their recommended dosage of alcohol PEOPLE DIE! There is a lot of pent up anger going on, and island rehab doesn't seem to be working.