Anthony Weiner Claims He Never Asked the Times for That Blowjob

Tom Scocca · 10/30/13 04:28PM

This is the thing about Anthony Weiner: He's just so very, very seductive. Irresistible. He makes you do things you'd never dream of doing. Well, not you. Some people. They just want to surrender to him. The failed mayoral candidate tells GQ's Marshall Sella about how this sad fact undermined his campaign from the start, when he offered himself and his wife, Huma Abedin, up to the New York Times Magazine for the profile, by Jonathan Van Meter, that was to mark his return to political respectability:

Weiner Spokesperson Calls Former Intern a “Fucking Slutbag” and “Cunt”

Taylor Berman · 07/30/13 09:11PM

Things aren't going well for Anthony Weiner's mayoral campaign. There was the second round of dick pics, the campaign manager quitting, the drop in the polls, and the non-answer about whether or not he is sexting someone at this exact moment. And now this: on Tuesday, Weiner's communications director called a former intern for the campaign a “fucking slutbag,” a “twat,” and a “cunt.”

The Real Carlos Danger Is a Republican Who Wants You to Leave Him Alone

Camille Dodero · 07/25/13 03:48PM

"Carlos Danger" is not only the narcissistic online coif Anthony Weiner adorned to shield his identity while sexting his dick (again), it's also the government name of a real 37-year-old psychiatrist with a real medical practice, a real Miami address, and a real phone number. And the real Carlos Danger wants you to leave him alone.

Anthony Weiner Can't Keep His Dick Out of the News

Cord Jefferson · 07/23/13 02:06PM

Faced with charges he was participating in raunchy online chats as late as last summer, disgraced former congressman and current New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner said in a just-released statement that he was expecting the new allegations and that his lascivious ways are now completely over.