Larry Page's hapless brother could lose his company

Owen Thomas · 10/21/08 12:40PM

Zvue, a maker of video players and operator of websites like eBaum's World and, has a post-Halloween deadline to make $1.9 million in payments to a hedge-fund lender. Also owed money: The company's chief technology officer, Carl Page, the older brother of Google cofounder Larry Page, who has loaned his employer at least $4.9 million, including $1 million in July. Could bankruptcy be in the cards? If so, it would be quite a reversal for the elder Page.A decade ago, Carl looked like the more successful brother, having sold eGroups, a company he cofounded, to Yahoo for $432 million. But Carl's efforts to repeat his success, and come anywhere close to Larry's, have made him a buffoon. Zvue shut down its San Francisco Web operations in July, leaving its collection of funny-if-you're-15-years-old websites to Eric Bauman, the creator of eBaum's World. Bauman is also owed millions by Zvue, for fare like "Ass Cream Vendor."

Google Finance snubs Carl Page

ndouglas · 03/21/06 11:18AM

Larry Page's brother Carl, already a mega-millionaire after selling eGroups to Yahoo in 2000, just went public with his latest company, Handheld Entertainment.