Palin Didn't Know Continents Vs. Countries: McCain Leak

Ryan Tate · 11/05/08 09:40PM

Failure may be an orphan, but McCain campaign veterans seem to be doing their best to pin blame for defeat on their MAVERICK VP choice Sarah Palin. Fox News Channel political correspondent Carl Cameron today disclosed the first of what he predicts will be an "avalanche" of unflattering stories about the Republican vice presidential nominee: Off-the-record tips from McCain aides that Palin did not know Africa was a continent or the constituent countries in the NAFTA treaty. He later told Bill O'Reilly Palin didn't know the constituent nations of North America, either. More damning, from a campaign perspective?


Pareene · 11/30/07 03:55PM

We have been fools to watch boring MSNBC for updates on the Clinton New Hampshire hostage crisis. Seriously. Turning the channel to Fox right now. [HuffPo]