Even Fucking Exxon Knows We Need a Carbon Tax

Hamilton Nolan · 06/30/16 11:50AM

Carbon emissions are causing global warming that will amount to a worldwide disaster unless we immediately bring it under control. The best tool for this is a carbon tax. How clear is this fact? Even Exxon is supporting it.

The Best Sin Tax Is a Carbon Tax

Hamilton Nolan · 04/15/16 10:50AM

Sin taxes, which states levy on things like cigarettes and booze and gambling, are popular with just about everyone. So why the fuck haven’t we established the single smartest sin tax of all?

Can We Get a Carbon Tax Already? 

Hamilton Nolan · 12/01/15 09:45AM

The easiest, fastest, and most effective way to slow down the carbon emissions causing climate change is to put a price on carbon—to institute a carbon tax. Will we get one?

Urban Carbon Efficiency Could Save Trillions

Hamilton Nolan · 09/09/15 09:28AM

The global discussion about cutting carbon emissions often centers on how much it would cost in the short term. But in the long term, trillions of dollars could be saved.

Hamilton Nolan · 08/04/15 03:06PM

The president’s new plan to fight climate change is modest at best, but it does open the door for states to impose their own versions of a carbon tax—the only thing that will actually work. Hurry up with it before we all die, idiots.

Kill the Oil Companies Before They Kill Us

Hamilton Nolan · 11/03/14 12:42PM

There is a new U.N. report on climate change. Its warnings are very, very dire. It is time that the public comes to terms with the choice we face: keep fossil fuels in the ground, or face doom. Oil companies, like it or not, must be forced to change or be killed.

Hamilton Nolan · 09/15/14 04:35PM

"At least 150 major companies worldwide - including ExxonMobil, Google, Microsoft and 26 others in the United States - are already making business plans that assume they will be taxed on their carbon pollution, a report today says." So go ahead and tax them already, before we all burn up.

Is a Carbon Tax Really Too Expensive?

Hamilton Nolan · 09/03/14 10:22AM

Edward Lazear, a former economic adviser to George W. Bush, argues today that cutting carbon emissions enough to mitigate global warming is a lost cause, and we are better off pursuing a strategy of "adaptation" to a fiery new world. This is why pessimists should not be in charge.

The Politics of a Carbon Tax

Hamilton Nolan · 06/23/14 09:07AM

This weekend, Hank Paulson, the Republican former Treasury Secretary and Goldman Sachs CEO, wrote an op-ed calling for a carbon tax. Has the political landscape shifted enough to make a carbon tax a real possibility?

Hamilton Nolan · 05/30/14 11:41AM

The New York Times dives deep today into the creation of cap-and-trade-style carbon markets, that allow polluters to buy and sell emission permits. Is there any reason this convoluted market system is better than a straightforward carbon tax? Serious question. Tell us.

A Carbon Tax Is Our Only Hope

Hamilton Nolan · 05/27/14 11:46AM

Carbon emissions are causing global warming. Global warming is a slow motion disaster. The consensus is that we must make drastic changes soon. How? We need a carbon tax. A carbon tax is our only hope. Time for a carbon tax now.