Cara Delevingne Wishes She Could Pour Molten Cheese on the Paparazzi

Christina Lee · 09/22/15 10:15PM

Cara Delevingne recognizes that as a runway star-turned-Hollywood actress, she cannot avoid the paparazzi. Still, before she joined Kate Moss in Milan to promote their joint Mango campaign today, she wanted to make her feelings known: Cara cannot deal with these cameramen invading her privacy, i.e. making her feel “like a zoo animal,” anymore.

"Weeeeee!" Sings Alleged Coke Bag as It Soars Out of Model's Purse

Caity Weaver · 05/06/13 11:10AM

It's impossible to know for sure exactly what white substance burst forth from supermodel Cara Delevingne's pocketbook on Saturday, as she merrily searched for her keys in front of her London home. Perhaps it was a baggie of bone ash, to make a glaze for tiny ceramics. Perhaps it was a pinch of anthrax, to poison her littlest enemies. Perhaps it was 1 gram of flour, to bake a cake for a fairy queen.