Man Gets Run Over by His Own Pickup Truck During Road Rage

Andy Cush · 07/24/14 08:00AM

Joseph H. Carl was driving home from a bar in Gainesville, Fla. Tuesday when he rear-ended a car that was stopped at a red light. Drunk and enraged, he got out of his pickup truck and began banging on the windows of the vehicle he'd just hit. If only he'd remembered to put it in park first.

Four People Killed In Astoria Car Crash

Hazel Cills · 04/05/14 09:30AM

Four people were killed in a car crash in Astoria, Queens on Friday night. The group had been driving back from a birthday celebration when their car hit a curb and flipped into the East River. Two men and two women were pulled from Steinway Creek after being trapped in the car for more than half an hour.

Arizona Man Gives the Best Description of a Car Crash Ever

Matt Cherette · 09/16/11 04:22AM

A Phoenix man became trapped inside his SUV on Thursday after he lost control of the vehicle, causing it to roll over and strike a utility pole. In the process, the driver rear-ended another vehicle driven by a man named George Lindell, who later described the events to local Fox affiliate KSAZ-TV in this amazing interview that you must watch immediately. After all, "Reality hits you hard, bro." [MyFoxPhoenix; Thanks to Mike Byhoff for the tip]

Ryan Dunn's Blood Alcohol: More Than Double the Limit

Maureen O'Connor · 06/22/11 04:05PM

Police have released the findings from their investigation into the violent, fiery death by car crash of Jackass star Ryan Dunn and passenger Zachary Hartwell: Dunn, who was driving, had a blood alcohol content was 0.196, more than double Pennsylvania's legal limit of 0.08. His Porsche was traveling between 132 and 140MPH at the time of the crash. [TMZ, image via Getty]

Peaches Geldof Live-Tweets 'Epic' Car Accident En Route to Disneyland

Maureen O'Connor · 12/17/09 05:23AM

Peaches' "IDGAF crew" (that's "I Don't Give a Fuck" to the uninitiated) were "speeding like I have never, ever witnessed" when they crashed their car. Just in case there is a lawsuit later, Peaches thoughtfully recorded their carelessness on Twitter.

Joe Biden Has a Car Curse

Maureen O'Connor · 11/18/09 03:23AM

The vice president's motorcade was in a midtown Manhattan crash last night, their third in one week (three means trend), one of which caused a fatality.

Joerg Haider, Fascist

ian spiegelman · 10/11/08 08:55AM

Joerg Haider, the extreme right wing Austrian politician who once said the Nazis had "an orderly employment policy" and referred to the concentration camps as "the punishment camps of National Socialism," died in a car crash last night. He was 58. "Haider was pronounced dead in a hospital shortly after his Volkswagen Phaeton veered off the road outside Klagenfurt in southern Austria and overturned several times after he successfully passed another car, police said. Authorities said an initial investigation showed no signs of foul play. At the time of his death, Haider was governor of the province of Carinthia and leader of the Alliance for the Future of Austria—a party he formed after breaking away from the far right Freedom Party in 2005." Haider always denied having a soft spot for the Third Reich and its Neo-Nazi spawn, but when he got into national government with 27 percent of the vote on an anti-immigration platform in 1999, the rest of Europe rewarded Austria with months of EU sanctions over Haider's statements—seen by less Alpine nations as anti-Semitic and pro-Hitler. Strangely, Israel's relations with Austria suffered after Haider's election, and the Israeli ambassador was pulled from Vienna. Though Haider and his gang left the Freedom Party for the gentler Alliance for the Future of Australia in 2005, Haider met with the Freedom Party's leader last month when they realized their combined votes in the last national election were nearly equal to that of the winning Social Democrats. Said Freedom Party boss Heinz-Christian Strache, "Joerg Haider achieved great things ... he was a great figure." [AP]