What Everyone Is Saying About the State of the Union

Jim Newell · 01/24/12 11:18PM

Tonight we witnessed President Obama outline all the proposals that will be blocked by Congress in the election year 2012. Drill for everything. Create jobs for the humans who want jobs. End more wars, try not to have new ones... but maybe have some new ones? 2012 is shaping up to be a banner year for America's government. Let's check out some reactions from the pundits and various clowns on Twitter.

Three Hill Staffers Fired after Months of Drunk Twitter Offenses

Jim Newell · 12/08/11 08:00PM

Three staffers for Democratic Washington Rep. Rick Larsen were fired today after their four months' worth of tweets that "describe on-the-job drinking, frivolous misuse of office time and resources, and contain public insults aimed at the boss himself" were traced to them. While on-the-job drinking and insulting your boss may be understandable, it's just unacceptable for any Hill staffers to frivolously misuse office time and resources.

More Crucial Congressional Business Today: Football Sign-Up

Jim Newell · 07/29/11 10:38AM

At some point, maybe Speaker John Boehner will become good at his job and round up enough House Republicans to pass his go-nowhere debt ceiling bill. Maybe. Because Congress has other, much more important business to attend to this afternoon, like signing up for a football game.

How To Make Capitol Hill's Annual 'Most Beautiful' List

Jim Newell · 07/27/11 03:14PM

The world is quickly tumbling further into hell, thanks entirely to a crisis of Washington's own making, but Capitol Hill is celebrating its favorite holiday of the year today: the release day of The Hill's annual "50 Most Beautiful" list!

A Brief Guide to Capitol Hill 'Seersucker Thursday'

Jim Newell · 06/23/11 04:25PM

Congressmen and Senators may be having some trouble with their debt ceiling negotiations today — specifically, Republicans keep walking away of them — but that's not really important. Who cares about "bonds"? Especially today, on Seersucker Thursday!

Crucial Capitol Hill Tea Party Rally Draws Few Attendees

Jim Newell · 03/31/11 04:19PM

National Tea Party groups had planned to make a statement to lawmakers today with a well-publicized rally on Capitol Hill. Hordes of attendees were going to demand that wavering Republican members of Congress not compromise halfway with Democrats on a budget deal. A compromise for $33 billion in cuts instead of the Republicans' maximalist proposal of $61 billion, Tea Party folks believe, would be a betrayal of promises made during the 2010 election. So the Tea Party held its big important rally this afternoon as planned — but it only drew "perhaps a couple hundred" attendees. C'mon, Tea Party! Get your act together, or go extinct.

The Official Congressional Freshmen Hot List

Jim Newell · 01/07/11 03:32PM

There are so many new members of Congress this year — and some of them are even attractive, by Washington standards! We've studied them all and plucked only the "sexiest." And your Gawker editors have scored them, to boot.