Hamilton Nolan · 05/30/14 11:41AM

The New York Times dives deep today into the creation of cap-and-trade-style carbon markets, that allow polluters to buy and sell emission permits. Is there any reason this convoluted market system is better than a straightforward carbon tax? Serious question. Tell us.

Does Obama Have a 'Secret Plan' to Price Carbon?

Jim Newell · 06/18/10 12:52PM

Many liberals were upset with Barack Obama for not using Tuesday's Oval Office address to pressure the Senate into passing a cap-and-trade system or carbon tax. But may he have a "secret plan" in the works, as some are suggesting?

Sarah Palin, Washington Post Op-Ed Writer

The Cajun Boy · 07/14/09 03:50AM

In what is possibly the most bizarre coupling since Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley married, Sarah Palin and the Washington Post have come together as one and given birth to a Sarah Palin Washington Post op-ed piece. Yeah.