Who Had Monica Lewinsky Kicked Out of Al Gore's Box at Cannes?

Gabrielle Bluestone · 06/29/15 01:15PM

According to a report in the Guardian, Monica Lewinsky came this close to sitting in the same box as Al Gore this weekend at Cannes before organizers wised up and tossed her out—narrowly averting a crisis, maybe, if this had happened in say, 1998. Mon dieu, quelle horreur. Can you even imagine?

Nothing But Love For the Couple Found Fucking on the Cannes Red Carpet

Dayna Evans · 06/24/15 11:10AM

France: home of good cheese, strong wine, some other shit, and an advertising festival named Cannes Lions. Early Tuesday, two randy festival-attendees were overcome by their love of creativity, advertising, and their love for each other—some might call it joie de vivre—that they took to fucking on the red carpet in clear view of a late night rooftop bash above them.

Dayna Evans · 05/17/14 01:15PM

The yearly Cannes Film Festival is off to what looks like a laid-back start, as Belgian actor Jérémie Renier shows what it must feel like to have a playful inner spirit in promoting the "smirking deification" biopic of Yves Saint Laurent, Saint Laurent. Image via AP/Joel Ryan.

Rich Juzwiak · 05/15/14 01:59PM

Nicole Kidman's Grace Kelly biopic, Grace of Monaco, opened the Cannes Film Festival this week and is being savaged by critics. It currently has a 5 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Sounds like it's so bad that it's a must-see.

Which Musician Likes to Beat Up Gay Hustlers?

Brian Moylan · 05/31/11 09:49AM

This musical star isn't just hiding the fact he's gay, but also that he likes to get rough with the "hired help." These celebs were divas at Cannes, this actor likes women to beat him in bed, and this right-wing politician has a closeted spouse. It always comes back to gays and rough sex, doesn't it?

Lars von Trier's Nazi Comments: The Awkward, Stuttering Video

Maureen O'Connor · 05/19/11 11:39AM

Lars von Trier's trainwreck press conference is the gift that keeps on giving. The Telegraph posted video of von Trier's Nazi meltdown, and it's the second-most awkward press conference footage I have ever seen, right after Gloria Allred's baseball bat masturbation press conference. Seated next to Von Trier, Kirsten Dunst covers her face with her hand and looks mortified. Unless it's leftover mortification from Lars' "really, really, really hardcore" comment?

All the Stars Are Still in Cannes (And You're Still Not)

Brian Moylan · 05/18/11 02:07PM

If you were rich and famous and had a movie to promote, you would be in the south of France right now basking in the sun and strolling down the red carpet in a couture creation. But you're not. You're reading this on the internet somewhere. Because we're jealous, let's all make fun of the stars who are there, shall we?

Lars Von Trier Says He's a Nazi

Richard Lawson · 05/18/11 10:54AM

International man of idiocy (and occasionally brilliant filmmaking) Lars von Trier is at Cannes promoting his new movie Melancholia, and at a recent press conference the Danish director went off the rails with a weird diatribe about his Nazi sympathies.

Which Actress' Mom Is Shopping Around Naked Pictures of Her Daughter?

Brian Moylan · 05/18/11 09:51AM

This stage mom is always trying to make a buck off her famous daughter, including selling racy photos of her. This Cannes juror is spending too much time partying. And this big name actor is Scientology's most recent victim. Damn, why couldn't he just have had a naked photo scandal?

France Loves Mel Gibson

Richard Lawson · 05/17/11 05:01PM

Despite everything, the French are pretty happy with Mel Gibson right now. Also today: even more network TV news, this time from the CW, plus an update on prestige cabler AMC.