Insane Bath & Bodyworks Candle Rant Gets the Reenactment It Deserves

Rich Juzwiak · 10/15/14 05:07PM

An almost two-year-old rant detailing one woman's failed attempt to procure Winter Candy Apple and Iced Ginger Bread candles from Bath & Bodyworks by YouTuber Az4Angela recently went viral (here's a Tumblr devoted to it). I understand that description is not exactly sexy but Az4Angela's whipping of herself into a tizzy for nearly 12 minutes over these candles simply must be seen to be believed.

Amazing Anamorphic Fire Illusion

Jon Martin · 04/22/10 10:57AM

As the man behind the camera moves around this room, the symbols made with candles seem to change shape. These kind of illusions are called anamorphic illusions and require the viewer to change vantage point.