Not Only Does Katherine Heigl Wear The Pants In Her Marriage, She Also Wears The Boxer Briefs

Molly Friedman · 04/16/08 12:15PM

As we've come to learn over the past few months, Katherine Heigl wears the pants in her relationship with crooner Josh "Call Me Joshua" Kelley. She's made it clear that when it comes to baby-making, attracting gay men and winning Hollywood over, Heigl will have us know that she pretty much outperforms her hubby in every way. And just to prove her point that much further, Josh's beloved Katie will soon appear on the big screen wearing a very tight pair of tighty whities. And putting our strained relationship with "the next Julia Roberts" aside, we must say she's about to give Tom Cruise a run for his money.

Classic Valley candids

ndouglas · 02/02/06 03:31PM

If D.C. is Hollywood for ugly people, then Silicon Valley is D.C. for the even uglier. (A cheap joke, of course, which we'll contradict with our Valley Hotties contests.) Everyone has a bad photo now and then; the fun is when they get promoted up to the "don't share bad photos" ranks of one tech giant or another. Above is the lovely Sergey Brin in drag, looking as scary as the evil girl in "The Ring." After the jump, shots of Hot or Not founder James Hong and Google VP Marissa Mayer.