Jimmy Carter Says His Cancer Is Gone

Melissa Cronin · 12/06/15 12:39PM

Former president and also former peanut farmer Jimmy Carter says that cancerous spots doctors found in his brain earlier this year are gone, suggesting he is cancer-free.

Revenge of the Cows: Meat Gives You Cancer

Hamilton Nolan · 10/26/15 08:39AM

The World Health Organization has given vegetarians all of the ammo we need to win every argument from now on about nasty meat—which gives you cancer.

Gabrielle Bluestone · 09/22/15 10:07AM

Just a year after JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon’s cancer diagnosis, another financier health scare: Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, who announced to shareholders Tuesday that he has a “highly curable” form of lymphoma. Tough year to be a billionaire banker you say? Sure, I guess.

Jimmy Carter Has Brain Cancer

Taylor Berman · 08/20/15 09:17AM

At a press conference this morning, former President Jimmy Carter elaborated on his cancer diagnosis, telling reporters that he has four small melanoma spots on his brain.

Green Juice Will Not Cure Your Cancer

Kavin Senapathy · 05/28/15 02:35PM

Cancer misinformation runs rampant on the internet. Headlines on “natural living” websites expose the alleged truth about doctors and scientists in cahoots with Big Pharma. According to the self-styled experts behind these stories, so-called studies claim that everything from baking soda to coconut oil to green juice can cure cancer.

Alaska Airlines Kicks Woman Off Flight For Having Cancer and No Note 

Aleksander Chan · 04/08/15 08:01AM

Elizabeth Sedway claims she and her family were booted from their flight from Hawaii to San Jose Monday after the crew on an Alaska Airlines plane learned she had cancer, but no doctor's note clearing her to fly. "I’m being removed like I’m a criminal or contagious—because I have cancer,” she can be heard saying in video from the plane she posted to Facebook. "Does anybody wonder how I got to Hawaii?"

Good News on Cancer for Americans (Not for the Rest of You)

Hamilton Nolan · 12/31/14 01:00PM

Did you get cancer recently? You did? Uh... sorry. I'm very sorry. I thought you were going to say "no." Jesus. Uh... take heart in your many fellow Americans who have not gotten cancer recently—thanks to science, etc!

Tinged Pink: When The Cancer Narrative Can't Compass Your Loss

Erika Anderson · 10/25/14 01:19PM

Four years ago, a woman I love—a friend who felt sisterly and vibrant—died of breast cancer. She was 33. I feel like I must spell it out: thirty-three. I want to paint it on a brick wall in the middle of the night. I want to wear it like the scarlet letter A. I want every billboard to read two numbers: 3 and 3.

Hamilton Nolan · 10/13/14 09:58AM

Scientists are developing a yogurt with special molecules that can be used to screen for colorectal cancer. I know what they should call it: Chobani, because that yogurt already tastes like poop/ butts.

Three 9/11 Firemen Die of Cancer on the Same Day

Allie Jones · 09/26/14 11:37AM

On Monday, three firefighters who served on 9/11 died within hours of each other, according to the BBC. Lieutenant Howard Bischoff, 58, and firefighters Robert Leaver, 56, and Daniel Heglund, 58, all died of cancer, though it's unclear if their illnesses were linked to their service after the attacks.