Hamilton Nolan · 06/18/13 11:13AM

"This is the unhealthiest thing a Canadian has done since everything the mayor of Toronto has done."

Don't Make That Rap Video: PR Dummies Edition

Hamilton Nolan · 06/22/12 01:55PM

Welcome to PR Dummies. The public relations industry is full of people who are trained to show enthusiasm for any paying customer, on demand. This naturally erodes their own innate taste. Which is to say: PR people have bad taste. Which is to say: please, don't make that rap video.

Damn Canadians Are Winning the Coffee Cup Size War

Hamilton Nolan · 01/17/12 09:40AM

"Fuck you, Starbucks, you American pussies." That is what we imagine Canadian coffee and donut chain Tim Hortons to be anthropomorphically saying today, adding in an "Eh?" at the end in stereotypical sneering Canadian style. Are we going to sit around as some Canadian fucks have cups that hold a larger amount of coffee than ours do? Eh?

Clint Eastwood's Son Will Make Your Day

Richard Lawson · 07/13/11 04:50PM

Clint's former model son Scott has gotten a new acting gig, meaning he's poised for stardom! Also today: Ted Danson makes an odd choice, the glorious rise of Wendi McLendon-Covey, and some sneaky Canadians.

Jim Carrey Got a Really Stupid Haircut

Brian Moylan · 04/11/11 01:32PM

Jim Carrey, that nearly forgotten relic of the '90s, tried to improve his image and box office relevance by getting himself a new haircut. It's not working.

Why Are Americans So Much Fatter Than Canadians?

Richard Lawson · 03/02/11 03:56PM

Despite having a diet that consists solely of french fries with gravy, weird bacon-ham, and moose brains, Canadians are still significantly less obese ("less obese" is where we're at these days, "skinnier" went out the window long ago) than their neighbors to the south. Namely, us. Yes, a study released today shows that 34% of Americans are obese versus 24% of Canadians. What gives?

A Few Famous Canadians We Wouldn't Mind Seeing Deported

Brian Moylan · 07/01/10 03:16PM

Happy Canada Day, everyone! How should we all celebrate? By trying to kick oot (ha!) all the Canadians that make life unbearable. There's more of them you think, and here are the ones we wouldn't mind sending home.

Comment of the Day: We Found the Canadian Wingnut

Richard Lawson · 02/26/10 05:32PM

With the games winding down, Canada is set to go back to being just that place of pleasant northernness, unassuming and passive. Or so we thought. Turns out there are crazy Canadians patriots, and one of them decided to comment!

Canadian Ice Fishermen Have a Serious Tolerance to Cold

Mike Byhoff · 12/15/09 09:40AM

If Canadians are known for one thing, it's their bacon. If they're known for two things, it's their willingness to brave unfathomable temperatures for the purposes of a viral video. This is that second thing.

Canadian Media Ombudsman Defends 'Sexual Adequacy Of Republican Men'

Moe · 09/29/08 02:10PM

Sarah Palin is a renowned foreign policy mastermind when it comes to countries geographically proximate to her native Alaska, which is why the Canadians are so fiercely protective of her, as CBC columnist Heather Mallick found out after writing a September 5 column dissing Bristol Palin as a "pramface." Maybe Mallick thought it would not matter because no one in US America knows what that means. But more than 300 angry letters poured in to the station, forcing the ombudsman to issue a lengthy retractification of the column. Our favorite paragraph of the six-page Review of Complaints after the jump.