Heroic Canadian Accidentally Rescues Old Man He Mistook for Seal

Taylor Berman · 02/19/15 01:07PM

On Monday, retired local politician Charlie Parker was shoveling snow in front of his Nova Scotia home when he noticed a small dark figure crawling across the road in the distance. Figuring the creature for a lost seal, Parker went to investigate. As he walked closer Parker realized the seal was actually an old man, who by now was lying face down in the road.

Canadian Police Foil Mass Valentine's Day Shooting

Brendan O'Connor · 02/14/15 12:05PM

Canadian police say they uncovered a plot to commit a mass shooting in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, The Guardian reports. The plot involved four people, three of whom have been arrested and one of whom reportedly shot himself when police surrounded his house.

Canada's Supreme Court Legalizes Doctor-Assisted Suicide

Taylor Berman · 02/06/15 11:45AM

In unanimous ruling Friday, Canada's Supreme Court struck down a decades-old law banning assisted-suicide. Now mentally-competent adults suffering from incurable diseases (or who are otherwise in intolerable pain) have the legal right to seek a doctor's help in dying.

Canadian Woman Misses Boat by 5 Minutes, Throws Giant Canadian Tantrum

Jay Hathaway · 01/21/15 06:45PM

A woman's New Year's Eve was ruined when she narrowly missed the ferry to Vancouver and couldn't convince the station staff to let her board after the cutoff time. With her boat about to depart without her, she threw a tremendous, last-ditch temper tantrum that has rocked Canada's national sense of politeness and propriety to its core.

Polite Blood-Soaked Canadian After Car Crash: "Well, I'm Bleedin'"

Sam Biddle · 01/20/15 05:30PM

If you got into a frontal collision with another car and afterward there was blood streaming down your face, you might leap out and start yelling HOLY FUCKING SHIT MY FUCKING FACE SOMEONE CALL AN AMBULANCE RIGHT NOW I NEED PLASTIC SURGERY FUCKING HELL OBAMACARE. But in fair Canada, even injurious car accidents are pleasant and anodyne.

Man Says His McDonald's Coffee Came With a Free Dead Mouse

Jay Hathaway · 10/16/14 08:50AM

Ron Morais, of Fredericton, New Brunswick, doesn't like to waste a drop of his coffee. "I always take the lid off to get my last sip," he told the CBC. But he says that on a visit to McDonald's Monday, he found something in his cup that ruined his appetite for last bit of coffee there: A dead mouse.